How to keep your joints healthy?


  • Engage regularly, but cautiously
  • Eat to avoid inflammation
  • Maintain weight
  • strengthen your legs
  • bracing
  • Good ergonomics

  • Osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) - the mostcommon joint disease, can come with age, as a result of sudden trauma, chronic stress or overload, as well as a dozen other reasons.

    Fortunately, it is possible to prevent a disease or relieve symptoms, slightly changing their daily habits.

    A few tips to help minimize the risk of disruption of joints and discomfort throughout life. These simple tips will help you maintain the health of the muscles and joints.

    The wave of enthusiasm dance "twist" in the United States led to an incredibly high injury - a lot of people got a dislocated knees, ankles and hip joints even in the hospital.

    Engage regularly, but cautiously

    Maintain joint health throughregular exercise, 3-5 times a week. Choose the types of activity with low impact on the knees, such as swimming, cycling or training on an elliptical trainer. If you have problems with knee joints, avoid running, jumping, walking up the stairs and having to carry heavy things. All this increases the pressure on the knees, sometimes increasing weight load up to several hundred kilograms per square centimeter. If a sport is pain that persists for two hours after school, stop exercising.

    Eat to avoid inflammation

    Try to limit fat intakered meat, it can weaken bones and cause leaching of calcium from the body. Try not to eat food that is exposed to significant processing (white rice, bread and pasta) or has a high content of trans fats and hydrogenated oils that contribute to the emergence of inflammation. Instead, eat foods with anti-inflammatory effect, for example, fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods from cereals, nuts and vegetable oils. It recommended as oily fish, such as salmon, herring, sardines and anchovies.

    In German airports passengers havingartificial joints made of titanium, are asked to be in possession of a so-called "Endoprosthesis-passport" that confirms the presence of foreign elements in the body of metal.

    Maintain weight

    Keeping weight at a certain level cansignificantly reduce the load on the knees, which is usually caused joint pain. Body mass index, showing the ratio of weight to height, is able to determine whether you have a healthy weight.

    strengthen your legs

    Include in your exercise workout "modelegs "and" bending the legs. " They do not give stress on your joints and train quadriceps and thigh muscles. Strengthening the muscles of data relieves stress on joints, much like the lock imposed on the knees.


    Stretching can also reduce the load on musclesaround the knee. If possible, do yoga, pilates, or even to do stretching exercises. Here is one of them: if you are tense hamstrings, lie on your back and grasp one knee.

    Pull it as close to the chest. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat the same with the other knee. Take five approaches, 3 - 5 times a week.

    In the United States proposed an original method for identificationHuman personality - on an X-ray of the knee, as "fake" the unique features of the knee is much more complex, traditional identification features.

    Good ergonomics

    Improper positioning of the computer maylead to tension in the hands, neck and shoulders. Make sure that the seat height was adjusted so that both feet touch the floor completely. Your head and back should be a straight line, and the shoulders remain in a relaxed natural position. Try to keep your head straight and not to arch the neck. Use a mouse pad with support for hands, it helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. It is particularly important - do not forget to take a break for 3 - 5 minutes every hour and distractions from your computer.

    Monotonous work, sedentary lifestyle,metabolic disorders and salt deposits - all affect the condition of the joints. Do not start the disease, attention to their own health and the recommendations listed above will help you maintain youthful flexibility and lightness.

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