How to take care of the joints?


  • How to help your joints?

  • How to care for the joints?Joint disease requires a long andcomprehensive treatment, so if you have pain in them, should consult a doctor. One of the most common joint disease is arthritis.

    Joints crunch, become dry and cold tothe touch (usually in people with fragile physique). Joints may swell up, hurt even at rest, be hot to the touch (usually in people with a strong constitution).

    salt deposits, infectious diseases,. Genetic predisposition, chronic inflammatory diseases, hypothermia, etc. The impetus for the disease of the joints and can serve as a stress - nervous stress disrupts our body.

    Rheumatoid arthritis can triggerhypothermia, complications from a sore throat, flu, otitis. Inflammatory processes literally destroy joints, so it is important how to reduce inflammation quickly. We can not even suspect that our food or sleep can lead to diseases of the joints.

    How to help your joints?

    Treatment of joints depends on the reasons,cause disease. They are determined by a physician orthopedic traumatologist. But for effective therapy is necessary to make adjustments to your lifestyle, change the physical and psychological stress, diet. In traditional medicine, used anti-inflammatory drugs, in severe cases, injections are shown. As well as baths, compresses, oil massage, herbal.

    In summer, the main remedy for joints - is the sun. Bask in the sun, soak up the sun in moderation, of course. Do not forget to prepare a medicine for joint pain - a tincture of dandelion.

    How to take care of the joints?Drinking plenty of fluids is useful for purifying the blood andelimination of joints salts, toxins and tissue debris. The process of purification long as the joint blood flow is very low. Drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day, small but frequent meals. It is important to limit the intake of salt, since it retains fluid in the body, increasing the swelling of the joints, exacerbating the inflammatory process.

    Take care of aching joints! Gentle load mode is important for the period of illness. Give up for a time by shopping bags socks and heavy physical exertion. However, to completely deprive aching joints movement is not necessary. Muscles need to be sure to load, as it will lead to atrophy of muscle atrophy of the joints. Remember this! Movement is vital for diseases of the joints, only in a special mode.
    The best prevention of any disease is a healthy lifestyle, reasonable diet, rest and optimism!

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