Simple exercises with osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis


  • A set of exercises with osteoarthritis of the cervical spine
  • Exercises in breast arthrosis
  • Osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine: a set of exercises

  • Simple exercises with osteoarthritis and osteochondrosisAs practice shows, and traumaorthopedic, physical therapy for arthrosis takes almost a dominant position in the therapy. In the absence of acute pain, inflammation and severe contractures accompanying launched arthrosis, a set of special exercises can significantly improve blood circulation in the affected area, to establish nutrition of tissues, to ensure the delivery of substances necessary for reparative processes, encourage the restoration of cartilage and increase joint mobility and strengthen their muscular frame providing stability and protection of the spine.

    The result of treatment depends on the movement ofpatient, his tenacity, patience, perseverance and desire to be healthy. When osteoarthritis simulators do not need enough weight of his own body, work with them provides the necessary load and gentle, effective impact on the back. The most justifiable treatment of osteochondrosis in specialized centers, however, recommended to perform exercises with osteoarthritis can be at home.

    A set of exercises with osteoarthritis of the cervical spine

    Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the cervical spineis shown to those who periodically experiences stiffness of the neck movements, slight dizziness when turning your head to the side. The use of simulators in osteoarthritis of the neck is contraindicated, the spine is very vulnerable and can not bear loads.

    • While pushing hand on forehead, holding his head inupright, straining neck muscles. Repeat three times, holding the voltage at 7 seconds. Then repeat the exercise in reverse, pressing his hand on his head.
    • Push up on the side surface of the head in the temple and hold his head upright through the work of his neck. Repeat 3 times for 7 seconds, and then do the exercise with the other hand.
    • Slightly zaprokinte head back. Overcoming the resistance of the muscles of the neck, pressed his chin to the jugular fossa 5 times. When cervical arthrosis complex in this part of its front will strengthen the neck muscles.
    • Keep your head and shoulders straight, slowly turn your head to the side for 5 times.
    • Push the chin to the neck and turn the head to the right and to the left for 5 times.
    • Tilting her head back, try to touch the shoulder ear to 5 times on each side.

    Exercises in breast arthrosis

    Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the spine Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the thoracic spine mobility will keep it and get rid of the pain between the shoulder blades, the problems in the work of the internal organs.

    • In a standing position, feet together, hands are lowered. Inhale - hands up, arch your back. Exhale - hands down, lean forward, rounding the back (10).
    • Sitting on a chair, hands behind his head - inhale, bend back, leaning back in a chair, hands down - exhale (10 times).
    • Standing on all fours as possible to bend back and stay for 2-3 seconds. The head does not throw back (7 times).
    • Lying on his stomach stretch his arms at the shoulders, straighten your arms, raise the body and bend back. (7 times).
    • Lying on his stomach, placing your hands along the body, try to back muscles to lift your head and shoulders off the floor as high as possible. (7 times)

    Osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine: a set of exercises

    Lumbar osteartroz - a set of very unpleasant symptoms, avoid the appearance of these exercises will help.

    • Vis on the bar for 70 seconds.
    • In a standing position, placing the hands on the hips, do torso to the side, forward and back (10 times).
    • In the same starting position pelvis perform motion forward and backward (by 10 times).
    • Can help trainers with osteoarthritis and how it happens?On his knees, resting his hands on the floor, lean forward, as if trying to touch the chin, knees, repeat 15 times.
    • Lying on his stomach resting his hands on the floor, do 10-15 pushups.
    • On his knees, resting his hands on the floor, arch your back up, then lower down (10 times).
    • Lying on your back, lift the legs bent at the knees, trying to squeeze their breasts (10).

    Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis of the lumbarspine is in first place among all therapeutic procedures. To further strengthen the back muscles, to create protection for the spine can be used and trainers, with osteoarthritis of the lumbar they are not contraindicated, and even, on the contrary, may provide significant help.

    Engage in health and forget about back pain!

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