Exercise therapy in osteoarthritis


  • The value of exercise therapy in osteoarthritis
  • A set of exercises for osteoarthritis of the knee
  • A set of exercises for osteoarthritis of the hip
  • The general improvement of an organism for osteoarthritis

  • The value of exercise therapy in osteoarthritis

    Exercise therapy in osteoarthritisAs with many diseases of the joints, in allosteoarthritis stages is very important gymnastics. It allows you to permanently preserve joint mobility. Physical exercise should be engaged in a lying or sitting position when the maximum load reduced weight on the joints. Exercise should not be done through the pain, it is best to start them after taking painkillers. The intensity of training and repetition frequency is determined by the severity of pain in the joints. Vigorous movement contraindicated. Age restrictions for private lessons there.

    It should be remembered that in addition to positiveemotional charge exercise also helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and bone. Range of motion should be increased gradually. Classes are best started under the supervision of a rehabilitation specialist (doctor LFK). After graduating classes in the group should continue to study at home, using their skills. The main principle - the frequent repetition of exercise during the day for a few minutes.

    The exercises should be performed slowly and smoothly,gradually increasing the range of motion. Thus it is better to focus on painful joints, to think about how, during the movement of the blood flow to the joint, brings nutrients that during relaxation limb fed into the cartilage, and in the movements are squeezed into the joint cavity, providing a good "lubricate" the joint. In most patients, these exercises will not cause amplification of pain in the joints. If, however, a significant pain lasts more than 20 minutes after exercise, it is necessary to reduce the number of repetitions of exercises to 5 at a time and then gradually increase the number to 15, when the state of health allows.

    A set of exercises for osteoarthritis of the knee

    Each exercise physical education with osteoarthritis do at least 5 times.

    • Starting position: sitting on the table. Take the countertop table. Sit straight. Chat feet with moderate amplitude movements. This exercise is done as often as possible.
    • In the same position, raise the leg and hold it 3a second parallel to the floor. The stack thus at right angles to the tibia. Change leg. When doing this exercise you need to feel the tension in the muscles of the thigh and lower leg.
    • Standing on the floor, buttocks lean on the countertop. Knees slightly bent and separated. Socks side. Without bending your back, lean forward and go back.
    • "Small wheel". Bend both knees and feet on the floor. Right leg lead to the stomach with his knee, then straighten it and slowly lower to the floor and once again lead to the second leg. The foot is thus always at right angles. Feet change.
    • Lying on the floor on his back. Legs are stretched. Bend the knee, while the foot slightly lifted off the floor. Hold for 5 seconds so. Feet change.
    • "Big Bike". Lying on the floor on your back to twist your feet as if riding a bicycle. Run slowly at first, then faster; slow - fast. All the time, pay attention to the tension in the muscles of the thigh.
    • Lying on the floor on your back leg bent at the knee,embrace hip and hand tighten the abdomen. Pull the knee (foot at a right angle, "pull" the heel). Feel the tension in the muscles. Hold for 5-8 seconds so. Lower the heel on the floor, then pull the leg. Feet change one by one. The second leg, which lies on the floor, try not to bend.
    • Lying on his side, with a small pillow under his cheek,right hand - under the pillow, with his left hand up against the floor in front of him. Right leg bent. The left leg is bent at the knee to the stomach is then retracted as far as possible. Exercise done slowly.
    • The situation is the same (on the right side). The left leg is bent and knee rests on the floor. Right leg stretched out and separated from the floor of 25-30 cm. Repeat the same exercise on the left side.
    • Lying on your stomach, bend your knees alternately. Ensure that the basin did not come off the floor.
    • In the same position, bend the same leg at the knee and hold for 5-10 seconds. Change legs.

    A set of exercises for osteoarthritis of the hip

    All of the exercises to be performed at least 5 times, ideally as many as defined herein.

    • The supine position. Both legs are bent at the knee joints to the maximum, not the foot off the floor. In this position the knees apart and bred again reduced. Try to gradually increase the range of motion. Repeat 10-15 times.
    • Exercise "scissors" - a starting position lying onback, leg straightened. One leg off the floor and makes a movement from side to side with the maximum possible amplitude. At the same time try not to bend the leg at the knee joint. The same is repeated with the other leg. With good fitness, you can make the movement simultaneously with both feet. Repeat 10 times.
    • The supine position. Straightened leg torn off from the floor to the maximum height, then drop the leg. Repeat 10 times with one foot, then change legs.
    • Sitting on a chair. Try in the torso forward to touch his hands fingertip stop, then straighten up. Repeat 10 times.
    • Starting position standing, one leg standing onlow base (step), hand relying on the table. Another leg commit swings back and forth, gradually increasing amplitude. Later added footed movement direction. Repeat 15 times.

    The general improvement of an organism for osteoarthritis

    Exercise therapy in osteoarthritisRegularly conducted fitness classes should be part of any treatment. They help to reduce pain, improve movement in the joint and a good general state of health.

    Walking on flat terrain at a moderate paceIt is a good way to maintain muscle tone. Try to take a walk for 20-30 minutes every day. The main thing - do not rush, because when walking fast load on the joints begins to exceed the weight of the body is 1.5-2 times. Walking to the shops with heavy bags just is not conducive to the improvement of physical fitness.

    Swimming lessons are an optimal viewSports in diseases of the joints. The maximum amount of water possible joint movement without load weight that is optimum for the articular cartilage. If you can not swim, can be practiced in groups of aqua.

    Biking in addition to the beneficial effect on thejoints, brings a positive emotional charge. Avoid riding on uneven terrain. Bounce motion harm the joints, as well as the danger of falling off the bike. If you have difficulty with balance, weakness, vision problems, or you are not very confident in the saddle hold on, it is better to do at home on a stationary bike. It is also important to choose the right bike. Choose between sporty and need polusportivny type, as they are lighter and more speed than the road. Since sports bike handlebars are lowered, while the road is usually arranged horizontally or raised, it is more convenient in sports type bicycle handlebar grips to lift up. Most problems occur due to improper installation of the seat height. It should be set so that when you press the pedal in the down position leg was fully extended. If the knee in this position pedal bent, then there are pains in the joints and muscles. It is also important, and the distance to the steering wheel - the elbows should be slightly bent. Cyclist, unlike pedestrian, a strain on other muscles. Therefore, enough to start 15-20 minutes later, depending on the capacity, duration of trips can be extended to 30-40 minutes.

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