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  • Sweaty palms
  • Manifestations of excessive sweating of the palms
  • Raynaud-like symptoms

  • Sweaty palms

    Increased sweating of palmsIncreased sweating palms (sweaty palms)It is the most common form of hyperhidrosis. These people leading problem is the touch and handshake. This is an extremely social complaint. Indeed, in a society established view that a strong warm handshake yavlyatesya symbol of openness and good relations. Wet and cold hands (frog legs) to affirmed by the opinion suggests tenderness, untidiness and even dishonesty. Many people remember the episode of the French comedy "Toy", where the tyrant-Head dismiss his employee for "sweaty palms". In order to somehow cope with this condition, we have to constantly have at hand a handkerchief or even a towel. It should be noted that the significance of palmar hyperhidrosis mainly social.

    Manifestations of excessive sweating of the palms

    Other symptoms, complaints palmar hyperhidrosis are:

    • Difficulty in holding slippery objects. One of our patients complained of problems when playing billiards, had to wear gloves. The same occurs and in the game of bowling, rowing, Uneven Bars, employment with dumbbells and kettlebells.
    • Inability to use the fountain pen (flowing sweat lead to divorce on paper).
    • Leaving wet marks on the paper. It was quite a challenge for a responsible ministerial employee. He was afraid to pick up important documents, even a serious threat to his career. Hyperhidrosis is fully passed after sympathectomy.
    • Problems in sexual relations. It is a common complaint coming from young women. Many even associate with cold sweaty palms lack of sexual arousal and orgasm. But most cold wet touching causes problems for the partner.
    • Problems acquaintance and communication among young people. It is known that in youth relationships between boys and girls begin to dance, walks together, embrace. All this often avoid suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis. One of our patient admitted that she had never in my life have danced a slow dance in the youth companies due to sweating of palms.
    • Cyanotic (red with a bluish hue, purple) color of hands. It is generally worried about young girls pay more attention to appearance.
    • Professional application (using the keyboard, computer mouse, thin instruments, adjusting the focus on the microscope, working at a computer assembly, electronics).

    All these complaints will eventually lead toProblems in the professional, social and sexual life. Often the presence of palmar hyperhidrosis leads to limitations in the choice of profession, to withdraw from public life.

    Raynaud-like symptoms

    It is often combined with palmar hyperhidrosis socalled Raynaud-like symptoms. Frequent complaints of such people are chill palms, intolerance of cold water, sometimes even blue hands on the cool weather. This never occurs to other more serious manifestations of Raynaud's disease - pain, trophic disorders. The genesis of this condition is not entirely clear.

    The researchers from Erlangen (Germany), atstudy by thermography, it was noted that people with hyperhidrosis noted slow warming hands after cooling. After sympathectomy in these patients has been a dramatic warming of the palms, which is reflected on the right side of the drawing, however, the effect lasts about 10-15 months. Thereafter, palm become cool again, though not as far as before the operation.

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