Hair transplantation


    Hair transplant surgery (hair transplantation)

    Hair transplantation - a hair transplantfollicles (follicles) of the places where there are resistant to hair loss (for example, hair occipital and temporal region of the scalp are not exposed to male sex hormones) in place of baldness. Hair transplant engraftment ends follicles (follicles) in a new location, then one begins to grow normal healthy hair. The transplanted follicles will operate until the end of life.

    Types of Hair Transplant

    There are several hair transplant techniques. Key currently used methods - a hair transplant skin strips (grafts) and point transplant individual hair follicles (seamless transplant method). In addition, for the surgical treatment of baldness used techniques such as tightening of the scalp and the scalp in the implantation of artificial synthetic hair.

    Hair transplant follicular units or skin strips (grafts)

    Methods of follicular hair transplantcompounds is that donor sites scalp cut pieces of leather with a follicular unit (group of hair follicles growing nearby - a human hair is growing groups) and transplanted to the balding site.

    It can be transplanted follicles mini-grafts -patches of skin, which is a few follicular unit. Hair follicles take root and begin to grow hair in 3-4 months. Scars from surgery virtually invisible.

    Spot transplanting individual hair follicles (seamless transplant method)

    The individual hair follicles without skin incisiontransplanted from a free growth space in places prone to baldness. Follicles are extracted with special instruments under the control of optical instruments of high precision. In this method, the growth of the transplanted hair follicles begins almost immediately, rather than three months. Hair also grows as with other methods and do not differ from natural hair.

    Other methods of surgical treatment of baldness

    Earlier, before the hair transplant method was usedpulling up the scalp. At the same time the skin on the scalp, with no hair, cut and sewed the wound edge. Nowadays, this method is almost never used.

    There is also a method of transplanting artificial(Synthetic) hair. The method also applies in our time is limited, so the hair does not grow at the same time, after the surgery often appears agonizing itching, post-surgical scars, purulent complications. All this may lead to loss of artificial hair.

    This is a hair transplant

    Hair transplantationhair transplant surgeries are performed:

    • when androgen type of baldness in men and women;
    • in the presence of scars after injuries and burns;
    • with some peculiarities of hair growth (high forehead, receding hairline, etc.);

    In men, hair transplantation is performed more frequentlylikely due to androgenic alopecia, while it can be performed only in patients who still retain some amount of hair on the head.

    In women, hair transplant issue in the main with the cosmetic purpose to change the hairline, especially in the forehead and temples.

    The present hair transplantation techniqueperfectly worked out and widely used. It is only necessary to choose the right clinic, focusing not so much on advertising as on the reviews already treated patients.

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