A mole or a melanoma?


  • A mole or a melanoma?
  • What should pay attention to?
  • Rules preventing neoplastic diseases of the skin
  • Diagnosis and treatment

  • A mole or a melanoma?

    A mole or a melanoma?the number of failures increases with age inthe organism, the number of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. And if the work of the heart is somehow being watched, the cancer is often discovered by accident, because the disease is initially asymptomatic.

    One such disease is melanoma, orskin cancer (less retinal, mucous). More than 70% of melanoma cases is reborn, at first glance, a harmless mole. This is one of the most aggressive cancers progress rapidly, germinating in the internal organs, blood vessels. However, melanoma is very well treatable if detected early.

    What should pay attention to?

    It is important to detect melanoma early. Regularly inspect all the moles. Pay attention to whether or not they appear on the surface of the skin, whether the color change, size, shape. That birthmarks that are constantly injured clothing, it is desirable to focus on. At risk also includes those whose relatives suffered from melanoma.

    Harmless moles are colored byyellow-brown to black color, they are flat or somewhat raised above the skin surface, round or oval. Basically, birthmarks appear on the body in the first years of life, a person already born with them.

    If, on the mole is different from other forms,the color, the size, the experts say about the dysplastic nevi. Find yourself like a mole, you must consult with an oncologist, for prophylactic removal of birthmarks.

    Rules preventing neoplastic diseases of the skin

    • protect the skin from UV rays duringfrom 10 am to 16 pm. Blanking moles of clothing, or apply the cream with a high degree of protection. Treat skin should be every 2 hours.
    • abandon the solarium, or to limit the stay
    • regular visits to a dermatologist
    • monthly self-examination.

    It must be remembered that any mole may cause the development of melanoma!

    Diagnosis and treatment

    If the doctor suspected the presence of melanoma in a patient, the biopsy suspicious skin.

    It must be remembered that some melanomaspread very quickly, can form large tumor nodules in the lymph nodes, lung, brain, gastrointestinal tract or liver, while the primary site (skin swelling) remains small in size. Therefore, the detection of melanoma is necessary to survey the above mentioned bodies.

    The volume of transactions depends on the stage of the disease, which is determined by a doctor during the initial examination. Perhaps a combination of surgical technique with chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

    The main thing to remember that the early diagnosis andtimely removal of skin melanoma are the main components of a successful fight for the cure of the patient. In stage I disease cure rate close to 100%.


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