Molluscum contagiosum in children


  • How to recognize molluscum contagiosum
  • Do not be afraid to treat
  • Soap and water will help cure molluscum contagiosum

  • Immature child's organism is very susceptible tovarious infections. Recognize the disease allow fever, lethargy, poor appetite. However, if the baby is infected with molluscum contagiosum, no other manifestations, in addition to rashes on the skin, you will not find.

    How to recognize molluscum contagiosum

    Molluscum contagiosum in children

    Shellfish easily gets on the skin after the crumbsclose contact with the child - bearer or by using his clothes and toys. But that baby is infected, you will know immediately, because the incubation period of the disease lasts from two weeks to several months. If the disease is still struck the baby, after a - while the skin will be isolated, and then multiple nodules bodily or pinkish color with a hollow in the center. These can be the size of millet seed and are - pea (1 - 15 mm in diameter).

    The most common lesions occur on the hands,face, neck (on the palms and soles are not found at all). Other manifestations of infection there. Usually these baby seals do not cause discomfort and detect their presence only by careful examination. Although sometimes in the nodules can be felt tingling. It is often confused mother rashes that appeared as a result of infection molluscum contagiosum, with those that are peculiar to measles, rubella, chickenpox. How to distinguish? If light pressure on the bundle (preferably with tweezers) released white this mass, this clam.

    Do not be afraid to treat

    Diagnosis and treatment of this diseasecarries out the doctor - dermatologist. First, he will examine the crumbs, determine the number of nodules on the body, and their location. After that, each bundle will remove (squeeze) with tweezers or scrape sharp spoon Volkmann. The resulting wound smazhet alcoholic solution of iodine. Procedure slightly painful. But as a rule, grown up kids steadfastly carry it. If the lesions are too many, the doctor will use pain relief. Note: taking the medicine inside is not necessary.

    important factor

    Sometimes the rash go away without treatment. But the opposite is happening: over time, individual nodules may merge into one giant clam. So contact your doctor promptly!

    Soap and water will help cure molluscum contagiosum

    During treatment especially carefully prostiryvayteand iron the linens and clothing scraps. It is useful to wash all the toys. To prevent the spread of infection to protect the child from communicating with other children. If a child attends kindergarten, be sure to notify the caregiver of the illness. In the kindergarten kids are required to carefully examine, in contact with which your baby. But when the disease is not introduced quarantine. Prevention Molluscum contagiosum is simple: strict personal hygiene.

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