Wart NO!


  • Where did they come from?
  • How to recognize them?
  • Why is it necessary to get rid of them?
  • How do I remove them?

  • At first you will not notice anything.It will take several months before you see the first signs, but there is a chance that if you do not pay attention to them - think of it, a small seal nakozhe! However, it should do so, because the warts - it is very unpleasant defective skin, which can spread to healthy parts.

    Where did they come from?

    Wart NO!Once upon a time, a kid, vynavernyaka heard: "If you take into the hands of a frog, warts appear!". Poetomumnogie afraid of accidentally stepping on a frog in a pond or touch nee.Konechno, this children's myth has nothing to do with reality, hotyapodsoznatelno many adults continue to believe in him. However nastoyaschieprichiny occurrence of warts associated with contact with an already infected chelovekomili using lichnoygigieny his subjects - such as towels or shaving supplies. The fact chtoborodavki - a disease having viral nature. His vozbuditelemyavlyaetsya human papilloma virus (HPV), some types of which vyzyvayutpoyavlenie skin warts.

    HPV - widely rasprostranennayainfektsiya. In humans, it can exist for years, did himself unmanifest. There are numerous human papillomavirus tipovvirusa on each of which the immune system can reagirovatpo differently. The source of the virus that causes warts in pervuyuochered is a man with symptoms of the virus activity on the skin or in body slizistyh.Popav HPV multiplies inside the cells of the deepest - bazalnogosloya skin and then spreads along with the epidermal cells. Dostignuvverhnego layer of the skin, becomes infectious HPV. In addition, the virus mozhetrasprostranyatsya to healthy skin, causing the formation of the new process is called borodavok.Etot autoinoculation.

    How to recognize them?

    Suppose you obnaruzhilina small seal skin. How do you determine that it is - a wart?

    There are many razlichnyhproyavleny HPV, of which the most common skin ordinary (vulgaris), the plantar, flat (juvenile) and filamentous warts.

    Ordinary or vulgarnyeborodavki - itbenign rounded shape formation on the skin. Kakpravilo have an uneven rough surface. Most of these borodavkivstrechayutsya on the back of the hands or fingers.

    Plantar borodavkiraspolagayutsya on the soles of the feet,usually painful and consist of nitevidnyhsosochkov beams, surrounded by a roller of the powerful horn stratifications, reminding mozol.Vozniknoveniyu plantar warts contributes to the constant pressure and trenieobuvyu, excessive sweating feet.

    Flat warts predstavlyayutsoboy roundgaskets on the hands or face and often vstrechayutsyau children and adolescents. Unlike moles, flat warts are not imeyutpigmentnoy color, but may become greyish with time. They often prohodyatsamostoyatelno without additional treatment - although this process can bytdostatochno long.

    Filiform warts in osnovnomobrazuyutsyathe elderly. They look like elongated soft kozhnyepuzyrki up to 5-6 mm in length - and are found in areas with the most delicate skin: voblasti armpits, in the groin, the neck, around the eyes. Since etiborodavki not disappear without treatment, but in case of damage can become inflamed, doctors are advised to remove them at the first appearance.

    Why is it necessary to get rid of them?

    Wart NO!No coincidence that the word "wart" isinvoluntary disgust. Suffice it to think of podobnomobrazovanii on the skin, and it becomes clear: it does not decorate! But it's not only that. Although benign lesions, warts tend krazrastaniyu and spread over the body surface. The appearance of even odnoynebolshoy warts can lead to the formation of several new lesions - which, of course, complicates the process of getting rid of this "beauty". And if they postoyannotravmiruyutsya clothing or footwear, warts can become very painful.

    In this case - as well as any modifications and whereinshape and color of a wart, experts nastoyatelnorekomenduyut get rid of it as soon as possible. This udaleniemneobhodimo to consult with a specialist to conduct laboratory and analizudalennyh tissues.

    How do I remove them?

    Fortunately, warts easily mozhnootnositelnoremove, and the correct choice of method in their place neostalos any cosmetic defects. Today, medical praktikeispolzuetsya many effective ways. They can be divided into 2 groups: the removal specialists at the clinic and ispolzovaniesredstv self-removal.

    The first category otnosyatsyalazernoe removalelectrocautery, surgical excision and cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen). All of these methods are comparable in svoeyeffektivnosti. Issecheniedlya Surgical removal of warts are usually applied in extreme cases, often ispolzuyutsyaelektrokoagulyatsiya and laser removal. However, these procedures require the physician spetsialnoypodgotovki and availability of the equipment, so they dostatochnodorogi.

    Cryotherapy is the ryaduneskolko alone. This time-tested method for removing warts, which was previously available only in specialized clinics and dermatologicheskihkabinetah. Who is this effective method available in domashnihusloviyah. In addition, for home use as a refrigerant ispolzuetsyane liquid nitrogen, and a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, where the freezing temperature (-57 ° C) is sufficient to remove the warts.

    Wart NO!Today in pharmacies predstavlenosredstvo KrioFarma,which allows you to rid yourself otborodavok cryotherapy. Vkomplekt includes everything you need to carry out the procedure at home - instructions for use, the refrigerant cylinder, and the holder 12 odnorazovyhapplikatorov. In addition to ease of application, this means that one flakonrasschitan 12 procedures. It is much more profitable than the corresponding kolichestvovizitov a dermatologist. Since the wart is rarely seen alone, etovesomoe advantage - to save your time and budget.

    Whichever method you choose, it is important to carefullybecome familiar with its contraindications and instructions (if etosredstvo for wart removal) and advance to consult svrachom. Beautiful skin is to take care of her!

    EN SPF number 2007/00462 of ot23.10.2007

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