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  • Zayed - not a trifle
  • Cure perleches help dentist and allergist
  • Insidious infection

  • Zayed - not a trifle

    Often, people of all ages, as inadults and children, you may notice irritation, a crack, "brown" or pustules in the corners of the mouth, the so-called " 'll pick". They are seen as a cosmetic defect, sometimes, however, pitting causes local discomfort: burning, pain, discomfort when eating ...

    However, more often than we think is irritationmore than an annoying little things that are not worth the bother doctors. Pobol little - and, most likely, will pass by itself. This opinion is wrong. Deep, long healing cracks in the corners of the mouth may indicate serious malfunctions in the body, and in some cases serve as a wake-up call a precancerous condition. Therefore, you need time to figure out the cause of the skin irritation and eliminate it.

    Cure perleches help dentist and allergist

    Treat perleches at the dentist ...According to dentists, in someperleches cases may be caused by the peculiarities of the bite. Sometimes the upper jaw, dropping significantly overlaps the bottom, as a result of the irritation occurs at the corners of the mouth. If the cause of a disease state in this, it is necessary to seek help from the doctor-orthodontist. Today can correct bite at any age. Medical intervention greatly improve your appearance, will make a charming smile, and will get rid of sores and cracks in the corners of the mouth.

    Often triggered by lack perlechesvitamins, which is justly called the "seed of life". After the skin, as you know - a mirror of our body state as a whole, so it should not be a problem to pass by our attention. Usually, people who complain of perleches, revealed a deficit of B vitamins B. To eliminate it, it is recommended to take a multivitamin or a course relevant to restrict the reception of only one of the representatives of this glorious family - Vitamin B2.

    In some cases, the pain and irritation near the mouthis allergic to certain foods or simply contact with skin caustic juice some fruits and vegetables. To find out exactly what kind of food leads to the ill-fated cracks, it is recommended to keep a diary for a while supply. Detailed records to help trace the relationship between consumption of certain products and the emergence of irritation at the corners of his mouth.

    Insidious infection

    Very often, the infection worsens the situation,lurking in the body, for the most part coccal. Staphylococcus or Streptococcus is capable of hiding for a long time in the oral cavity, such as the tonsils or the patients teeth, and then cause sores on the skin. However, uncontrolled taking antibacterials dangerous, you should consult with your doctor. It will help to choose the right drug, to determine the dose and duration of treatment.

    As for the local media to help dealwith Zayed, deserve special attention ointment "iruksol" and "levomikol", which are sold in a pharmacy. The first of these will help to remove the formed crust and reduce inflammation, and the second will come into the fight with pathogenic microbes.

    In any case, do not put up with cracks and sores, you must declare them to a merciless war. After all, as you know, health and beauty are inseparable unity.

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