Sudamen, treatment and prevention


  • What is sudamen
  • Symptoms and treatment of prickly heat
  • Prevention of prickly heat
  • Traditional recipes for the treatment of prickly heat

  • What is sudamen

    It is a common and easily disposable skin lesions in children in their first months should rather be attributed to functional impairment than the disease.

    Sudamen is associated with hyperactivity of the sweat glands in case of overheating or lack of skin care.

    A baby's skin at an early agecharacterized by a thin and extremely sensitive layer of the epidermis, which is a few rows of epithelial cells are constantly updated. Sweat glands during the first 3-4 months of functioning is not enough, and carve the sweat ducts are undeveloped and covered by epithelial cells, which ultimately leads to prickly heat.

    Only later, with the development of the structures of the sweat glands and thermoregulatory center of the central nervous system, ensures normal functioning of sweat.

    Sudamen appears as a small red nodulesand blemishes on the neck, lower abdomen, in the upper chest, and especially in natural skin folds. At the same time, the general condition of the child is not broken and is not a reason for serious worry.

    Sudamen Usually kids are concerned only when the parents are too Kuta child without any reason.

    Symptoms and treatment of prickly heat

    The pathology manifests itself in the form of groups of small spots of all shades of orange or red color, as well as fluid-filled blisters.

    Sudamen can be found in several places, but more often it met on the neck, armpits, groin and any natural body folds.

    Sudamen, treatment and prevention After drying, the bubbles disappear almost withouttrack. But at a time when there is a heat rash, the child suffers from unpleasant irritation and itching, but usually it is not too affected their mood and appetite.

    Sudamen itself is not terrible, but ityou must actively fight. The fact that the skin is affected sudamen, practically protected against penetration of more serious staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, leading to serious diseases.

    If prickly heat is not running, it may prevent the normal hygienic care of the child.

    When this does not help, make a bath of lukewarm water with the addition of manganese-sour potassium.

    Even better with daily bathing in the water to addextracts of medicinal herbs that have anti-inflammatory and skin normalizing action. These plants are chamomile, sage, oak bark, and others.

    After each bath and swaddling the baby do not forget to spread, dry wipes and baby powder to powder every crease on the body.

    Usually this measure enough to preventprickly heat, but if you still seen in the folds of her pockets, dissolve in a glass of boiled water and a drop of iodine rinse crease with this solution. Red spots and blisters on the body wash with a solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon per cup of water), in which to enhance the disinfecting effect can add a drop of iodine.

    Prevention of prickly heat

    Rules of prevention are simple: no Kuta child and make him a regular daily air baths. The latter is very important in the heat, especially if the child is moving a little.

    Keep an eye on the condition of skin folds and swaddling the baby, wipe them with a damp cloth from several layers of cheesecloth.

    And most importantly, what should accustom themselves: there can be no objective reason to skip the daily bathing baby!

    Traditional recipes for the treatment of prickly heat

    If a child potnichka, try to do the following:

    • every day poite kid freshly squeezed carrot juice. No prophylactic agent for better skin than contained in carrot carotene (vitamin A);
    • Take a tablespoon of crushed leaveswalnut, pour a glass of boiling water and 10-12 minutes simmer. Wait until the infusion to cool, then strain the broth and add to the tub for bathing;
    • take 2-3 grams of herbs violet tricolor (notconfused with garden violet!), chop, pour a glass of boiled water and keep for 15 minutes in a water bath. Strain the broth, and let the baby on a tea spoon 3 times a day. The tool, thanks to the essential oils contained in the plant salicylic acid, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic effect. It can be used for regular rubbing of the skin.

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