The rash around the mouth - oral dermatitis or symptoms of food allergy?


Red dots, small nodules, pustules on the chin,
around the lips, near the nose - it may be a manifestation of food allergy, but most doctors
diagnose oral dermatitis.

What is oral dermatitis?

The rash around the mouth - oral dermatitis or symptoms of food allergy?
The oral dermatitis, also known as oral rosacea, steroid
facial dermatitis - this is not an allergy,
Facial food allergy in isolated form occurs in adults
quite rare. Oral dermatitis - a chronic skin disease,
which can have a variety of reasons, including those related to
food intolerance and allergic diseases caused by
digestive system organs. It occurs more often in oral dermatitis
the fair sex in the age of 19-45 years, it is very rare in children and
men, which is probably due to hormonal features of the female body.
By the way, that's why these rashes on the face of the child is usually
regarded as manifestations
food allergies.

Despite the fact that oral dermatitis does not violate the general
the patient's condition, the presence of aesthetic skin defect on the face often
It causes psychological problems.

Causes food allergies
and oral Dermatitis

While the cause of food allergies - it is actually intolerant
certain foods, oral dermatitis may be caused by
a number of factors, and exactly what to say, conception is impossible. Together with
fact proved that the basis dermatitis in most cases is allergic to
medications, and oddly enough, most rashes appear on
treatment with hormonal and corticosteroid ointments are usually prescribed for
allergic skin reactions, including allergies to the face. Nutritional factors play a role in
emergence and exacerbation of dermatitis, as an element of gastrointestinal provocation
diseases. In women, the cause of dermatitis is often the contact with detergents
means and the use of cosmetics.

The appearance of the rash provoke perioral:

  • UV curing;
  • stress and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous
  • endocrine and hormonal disorders
  • hot and humid climate;
  • acute and chronic diseases that lead to
    decreased immunity.

Symptoms of oral dermatitis

The rash around the mouth - oral dermatitis or symptoms of food allergy?
At the beginning of his
development of oral dermatitis does not cause much trouble. Redness in
around the mouth occurs only while receiving the hot and spicy food and
soon pass on their own. However, as the disease hyperemia
becomes resistant, its background there are small nodules and pimples, something
resembling acne.

The rash usually
arranged symmetrically, often merge, but never reach the red
portion of the lips, between her and the redness is always pale strip of healthy skin.
Sometimes a rash does not spread the nose, around the eyes, on the
whiskey - that is celebrated the defeat of the total person. Typically, when
oral dermatitis patient practically does not disturb the skin itching, and not
there is pain.

competent treatment of skin rash at the site begins to peel off, thickens,
coarsens, covered with wrinkles and pigmentation spots.

oral Dermatitis Treatment

Traditional therapies
peroral dermatitis primarily involves exclusion factor,
causing the development of the disease. It is recommended to eliminate the use of
hormonal ointments, fluoride toothpaste, cosmetics and detergents.

compliance with sparing diet due to the frequent combination with dermatitis
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. From diet excluded
sharp, spicy, salty, smoked purged, alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

Therapy includes the administration of drugs of antifungals and antibiotics. Additionally
you need to take vitamins, especially Ascorutinum, nicotinic acid,
riboflavin, vitamin B6.

During the period
restore the skin using physiotherapy: Cryomassage, darsonval,
electrolysis, allowing to remove the telangiectasias and pigmented spots in
oral area.

As it is impossible to emerge during the course of treatment on
the sun without protection, and it is better to avoid all solar insolation. Not
It recommended for a long stay in hot environments and during hot trips

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