Couperose - problem solved?


  • What is rosacea?
  • Why is he there?
  • Fighting is possible!

  • What is rosacea?

    couperose - A violation of circulation in
    integument. Generally rosacea begins with stagnation in
    capillaries of the upper layers of the skin. Due to the constant load vessel walls
    They lose their elasticity, become brittle, which further strengthens the stagnation
    blood. Rosacea symptoms begin with an unnatural redness
    the skin around the nose, cheeks and sometimes the forehead. The skin has elevated
    sensitivity, burning sensation. Subsequently becomes a
    capillaries, they create a red Spider veins on the face

    Couperose - the appearance on the skin of the face visiblevasculature, or telangiectasias. This concept is closely related to this type of skin as sensitive. A sensitive, as is known, it can be oily and dry skin.

    Why is he there?

    First of all, the appearance of vasculaturedue to the weakness of the vessel walls. It is only the "echo" state of the organism as a whole, because this pathology is formed gradually and not suddenly occur.

    Couperose - problem solved?By reason of the disease include:

    • Sensitive skin for a long time. This type of skin sensitive to any stimuli - heat, cold, light (referring to solar radiation). Makeup for a skin to choose is very difficult, as any component can cause irritation effect. Holders sensitive skin have difficulty in warm and in the cold season. Excessive sensitivity can be one of the factors related couperose.
    • The weakness of the vascular wall. Blood stagnation that occurs in the blood vessels, leads to a stretching and impaired vascular wall elasticity. Consequently vessel "bulges" and becomes visually conspicuous.
    • Provocateurs Food: spicy and salty foods, alcohol, spices, citrus fruits in large quantities. These foods stimulate the gastric mucosa, and reflex - vasodilation face.
    • Chronic diseases of the body, such as gastric ulcer, diseases of the endocrine system, constant stress, fatigue, and other immune system.

    Fighting is possible!

    Most often manifested as rosacea severalred small blood vessels, localized on the face. This brings discomfort, carries a daily need of correction with makeup. Sooner or later there comes a time when you should consider more serious methods of skin care.

    The basic rules of care for the sensitive skin of the face and skin with rosacea:

    • The use of cosmetics without aggressive components, but marked "for sensitive skin".
    • The composition of cosmetic ingredients should be included,regenerating a hydro-lipid natural protective barrier of the skin, for example, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). These fatty acids - linoleic and linolenic - are in the skin of a kind of "cement" that binds epidermal scales. Moreover, from the linoleic acid produced in the body-specific substances, relieving itching, inflammation, irritation and pain. PUFAs are found in many vegetable oils (grapeseed oil, raspberry, currants seed, linseed, rapeseed, Macadamia and other oil).
    • Moisturizing ingredients required.
    • The specific components to strengthenvascular wall: herbal extracts of green tea, ginkgo biloba, grape, parsley, rose, horse chestnut, vitamins C, P, K, B5. Vitamins are recommended for indoor reception.
    • Limiting temperature effects: sharp fluctuations in temperature and the procedures associated with high or low temperature, because the vessels are very sensitive to this factor.
    • Quitting smoking, as nicotine and certain derivatives of tobacco smoke negatively affect the elasticity and tone of the vascular wall.
    • Restrictions on food consumption, affecting the blood vessels: alcohol, spicy foods, coffee.
    • Caution with ultraviolet radiation assolar and artificial (solarium). Sunlight exposure is added and the heating effect of infrared rays, which also leads to vasodilatation.

    Very effective is diathermocoagulationhair electrode. The main effect of this procedure - the removal of the vessel. With the same purpose used a laser and ozone therapy. After these procedures is appointed restorative treatment.

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