Impetigo or slotted Zayed


  • Symptoms of the slot-like impetigo
  • perleches Treatment

  • Symptoms of the slot-like impetigo

    Impetigo or slotted Zayed usually occurs at the corners of the mouth, but
    it is not uncommon appearance of the nose and the outer edge of the eye
    gap. Most often perleches occur in debilitated patients, when
    presence of chronic diseases, such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis,
    carious teeth. It is characterized by the appearance of the disease in the corners of the mouth
    slit-like fissures, consisting of small and soft bubbles. bubbles
    burst, becoming a honey-yellow crust, which then disappear.
    Patients complain of pain when opening the mouth, burning sensation,

    perleches Treatment

    Impetigo or slotted Zayedmust
    remember that thyroid impetigo is highly contagious.
    When using shared personal hygiene can affect all
    family members.

    To treat impetigo use slot-like drugs,
    having disinfectant properties and antibacterial properties.

    These drugs include:

    • calendula tincture
    • tincture Safor Japanese
    • mint liqueur
    • tincture of eucalyptus
    • ointment immortelle
    • based ointment eucalyptus
    • Calendula ointment
    • antibiotic ointments.

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