Vegetating, and leaf-shaped erythematous pemphigus


  • vegetating pemphigus
  • pemphigus foliaceous
  • Erythematosus (seborrheic), pemphigus

  • There are several forms of pemphigus. All of them are alike, but the symptoms can vary slightly. The most common is a vulgar pemphigus, but there are other forms that are often no less dangerous.

    vegetating pemphigus

    Vegetating, and leaf-shaped erythematous pemphigusVegetative form of pemphigus often begins withlesions of the mouth, and when bubbles begin to spread to other areas of the body, they are most often located in the field of natural orifices (mouth, genitals, anus) in the umbilical region and in skin folds (armpits, groin, under the breasts). Bubbles are usually flabby, quickly opened, and on the surface of the resulting erosions appear growths that resemble warts. They are covered with a grayish bloom smelly discharge, gradually becoming purulent. When drying it formed the rough crust.

    This form of the disease is usually accompanied bya sharp deterioration in health, high fever, headache, muscle pain, chills and weakness. It flows very hard, sometimes develops in a short time and is not always treatable. The death without appropriate treatment can occur very quickly, within 3-6 months.

    pemphigus foliaceous

    Leaf-shaped pemphigus characterizedappearance on the red background of the skin and mucosal surface, lingering bubbles, flat thin, quickly bursting tire. In this form of erosion, covered with thin crusts plate-scales are layered on top of each other. Defeat quickly spread in the skin. Often, in the midst of most of the diseases of the skin becomes red shade with krupnoplastinchatym peeling. Often a patient with such a peeling marked hair loss, discharge of nails. The mucous membrane of the mouth with pemphigus foliaceous usually not affected, but very bright characteristic feature of all bladderworts - peeling seemingly healthy skin when it is sliding or pulling on the tip of the bladder tires.

    The general condition of patients worsens slowly but also, as in other forms of the disease, without treatment, the disease ends in death within 2-5 years.

    Erythematosus (seborrheic), pemphigus

    Erythematosus (seborrheic) pemphigus by itsthe flow is considered to be a relatively benign form of the disease. It starts with education on the face (cheeks and nose area) foci of redness in the form of a butterfly. Lots lesions covered with yellowish crusts, scales that are easy to break down, and underneath is exposed wet eroded surface. Also, the centers often appear on the scalp. The process extends to the skin of the breast, back, at least - the hands and feet, then there are bubbles of various sizes. They quickly opened with the formation of crusts and resemble the signs of seborrhea and eczema. The mucous membrane of the mouth rarely affected.

    The disease takes a long time, it can deteriorate under the influence of sunlight; It can be transformed into a vulgar or leaf-shape.

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