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  • Varieties of warts

    Species can be several. Simple warts - painless dense, normal skin color, or may be in the form of a grayish-brown rounded nodules with a rough surface. Favorite location - back of the hand and fingers, can be the same on the face, scalp.

    Plantar warts, as the name implies -appear on the sole of the foot. They consist of bundles of filiform papillae on the kind of reminds corn. Very often, the development of the disease contributes to foot strain associated with flat feet.

    Flat (youthful) warts - small (0.5-3 mm)nodules normal skin color or yellowish. Most have a round shape with a smooth surface. Above the level of the skin are the barely. Arranged as simple - on the dorsum of the hand and the face. Most are teenagers.

    warts Treatment

    Warts. How to get rid of warts There are many treatments for warts. By the way, this is one of the diagnoses, when the official medicine recognizes the treatment of traditional methods. From the popular treatments are the most effective juice or celandine dandelion. However, such treatment requires patience laughing as to achieve the result would have to be lubricated warts juice of these plants by 30-50 times a day.

    The following types of treatment used in official medicine:

    • Electrocoagulation
    • diathermocoagulation
    • Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen, carbonic acid solid
    • When plantar warts - injecting novocaine, surgical excision, electrophoresis as a Novocaine.
    • When flat warts - lubrication (3-7 times) with fresh juice of celandine, vitamin B12 in the form of injections, UFO.
    • One of the newest and most effective methods - the removal of warts using a laser.

    If any treatment or warts persistand continue to bother - there is no reason to panic. This can only mean one thing - next is the source of the infection. This may be a member of your family, as you can bring warts from places like sauna, swimming pool, gym. Repeated infection can also be associated with a lower antiviral immunity. In this case, the need immunologist consultation and correction of immune status.

    To prevent the spread of viral infection to healthy skin, you can use anti-viral aerosol "Epigenes". Apply it should be on existing warts.

    Preventing warts

    Preventive measures - a caution. Use only personal hygiene in public places. Keep your immune system. And if you notice a wart in man, with whom close contact - track about a month after the skin. In the case of infection - the wart will make in 3-4 weeks. And in this case - do not delay treatment, so as not to become like a frog.

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