What is dandruff and how to fight it


  • What is dandruff and how to fight it
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  • How to treat dandruff

  • What is dandruff and how to fight it

    Dandruff is certainly not able to spoil you
    career or personal life, but in a bad mood, it will provide exactly.
    Grayish-white scales on hair and clothes are made to feel
    uncertain - and suddenly the other person is not looking at you, and on your Dandruff. What is dandruff and how to fight itshoulders
    whitewashed perhotnoy "lime"? But before we talk about the treatment
    dandruff, it is necessary to understand where it comes from.

    Kletki "upstart"

    The cause of most cases of dandruff
    It is inside the body. As notorious acne, dandruff -
    a consequence of metabolic disorders.

    Why are there these violations? reasons
    a bunch of. The most common - hormonal imbalance (and therefore
    dandruff, acne and usually occur during hormonal changes,
    that is, aged 14-25 years).

    Also affect the metabolic processes can
    poor diet, especially if your diet is too much
    fat and sweet, and still smoking, vitamin deficiencies, fatigue,
    stress. Important role played by intestinal problems: as a rule, they are
    80-90 percent of people suffer from dandruff. Ironically, the emergence of
    Dandruff can be caused by using a dandruff shampoo ... - if he
    incorrectly selected.

    Tell us briefly how it is formed
    dandruff. Healthy skin is constantly being updated, the old cells die, and
    new form. The dead scalp cells are converted into ordinary
    dust, invisible to the eye. Normally, the cells travel from the deep layers
    on the surface of the skin takes about a month, but if you have violated exchange
    substances, this process is greatly accelerated. Cells get upstairs much
    faster, they have become thicker, the color changes from transparent to white to
    Besides, they begin to stick together. This is the most
    unpleasant "powder", which settles on the clothes and instantly spoils
    your mood.

    Oily or dry?

    That disease, which we have just described, in
    beauticians called dry dandruff. However, this is not the only kind
    dandruff. On the scalp, we are millions of sebaceous glands. They
    produce a lubricant that does not dry out the skin. However, if this
    grease too much (what happens when the same metabolic disorders,
    which lead to dandruff and acne), it forms a tight skin
    a film that does not allow skin cells to freely leave their place
    a habitat. So there is oily dandruff - scales in this case,
    yellowish color, the hair becomes dull and hang like icicles.
    It is important to determine exactly what you have dandruff - depends
    The choice of therapeutic shampoos.

    Tenant with character

    Another very common reason
    dandruff - a microscopic fungus. He has lived on
    our scalp and for the time being we do not interfere, but because of the different
    violations of the fungus in the body immediately begins to proliferate wildly.
    It causes the sebaceous glands to work faster - begins to form
    dandruff. Fighting fungus shampoos will help you on the basis of special
    anti-fungal components (they prevent the proliferation of fungus).
    Before using these shampoos, be sure to
    make sure that the fault is a fungus - otherwise your time and money
    be wasted.

    How to treat dandruff

    Besides the already mentioned shampoos, there is
    a lot of money against malicious scales. But before we talk about
    They recall: fight dandruff as it is meaningless. After all
    dandruff reason - in the body, and it should be treated. I.e
    normalize metabolism with a special diet (if the matter
    intestine), special regime (if blame nerves) and hormonal
    drugs. Just sort out the main cause of dandruff, you can
    move on.

    Conventional shampoos dandruff can not cope, then
    you need special equipment - they are sold only in pharmacies. Besides
    Furthermore, if you decide to fight dandruff seriously, start with a visit to the
    cosmetologist. It will help to determine what you type
    dandruff (using the Video diagnostics - doctor examines
    scalp under high magnification, and is simultaneously projected onto the
    monitor). Only a doctor can correctly choose your shampoo and
    this is very important - even at the beginning, we said that the wrong shampoo itself
    It can cause dandruff.

    Thus, anti-dandruff shampoos are divided into:Dandruff. What is dandruff and how to fight it

    • antifungal shampoos
    • exfoliating shampoo - they act as a kind of - scrub the scalp
    • shampoos with plant extracts, such as tar - it's great
      removes excess fat from the scalp, but also slows down the reproduction of the fungus

    Well proven cryotherapy -
    massage liquid nitrogen. Extreme cold activates metabolic processes in
    the cells of the scalp and also eliminates the redundant cell
    layers - the skin as it is updated.

    Massage Me you can do itself. it
    quite simple: every night for 10-15 minutes massage the scalp
    fingertips in different directions. Massage well to start with
    combing massage brush - so you combat stress in circulation

    There are also many different types of creams and lotions dandruff - they need to be regularly rubbed into the scalp.

    Do not neglect and folk remedies. When dry
    Dandruff our mothers and grandmothers used a mixture of sea buckthorn with olive
    oil in a ratio of 1: 3 - half an hour it is heated in a water bath and
    rubbed on the scalp overnight. If you have oily dandruff, try
    wash your hair with warm infusion of tansy. To prepare it, heat 100 g
    flowers in a water bath for 10 minutes in 3 liters of water.

    For good rinse extracts of chamomile and marigold flowers - these plants have disinfectant properties.

    We recall once more: you need to treat dandruff with
    doctor - the only way you can in the short term to achieve good
    result. Good luck!

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