Winter - and cheilitis attacks


  • Haley and its causes
  • Magic Wand lipstick

  • Haley and its causes

    Winter - and cheilitis attacksLips in crusts, cracks, Zayed ... Who among us has notafraid to smile once again ( "oh, it hurts!"), who is not licked, not skusyval endlessly annoying whitish-brown crust. This attack is called weird, like a bird on the language sounding word "cheilitis". The reasons for the emergence of cheilitis set. Here are the most obvious.
    • Psychoemotional overload. (Yes, pale lips and perleches in corners of the mouth - a depression, sadness, lack of cheerfulness and vitality, inability to shake off the trouble.)
    • Allergy to dentures, some toothpastes as well as poor quality, cheap lipsticks.
    • Allergy to the sun's rays (the so-called actinic cheilitis - they tend to suffer from male lips are covered with dry SILVER husks.).
    • Sudden temperature jumps, the pressure drops, high humidity (meteorological cheilitis).
    • Avitaminosis.

    Magic Wand lipstick

    Now I understand why most of us in the winterinflamed lips. And why stick hygienic lipstick - one of the most necessary items of personal hygiene. The blessing is now a huge choice. Even men do not hesitate to ask hygienic lipstick. What, in principle, different from the usual hygienic lipstick - bright red, pink, purple? Only one: it contains no coloring pigment.
    Everything else - the same thing, and that "allrest "is actually the basis of all lipsticks, their skeleton: wax. Wax comes in two forms: either the bees or of palm leaves (called carnauba). Why wax - the main component of any lipstick? Because he has the ability to bind fats.
    Chapstick task - to convey to the moutha medical complex, whose components are soluble only in fats. How to smear grease on the lips, what? The most convenient way to do this with the help of sticks, a small pencil. This is where the wax and irreplaceable. Not only that he was "holding form" of the entire composition to fats, waxes, and in itself is good: forms a protective film on the lips.

    I must say that, in general, any lipstickmay now be called hygienic, because any one of them (meaning, of course, only good quality lipstick) are present, and vitamins, and medicinal oils and antioxidant substances. That's what today is called "Two in One": lipstick and cures, and colors. Only chapstick, it is a balm gives a more pronounced healing effect.

    The different sets of chapstick,perfumes flooded departments? Only the composition of funds, providing a healing effect. And this is the know-how of each individual company. One relies on the calendula, the other - on a daisy, and people buy what they are dearer and more familiar. Someone lovelier chamomile, someone indifferent to the miracle herb, and important brand of the company. In any case, hygienic lipstick - it's good. She is a) - harmless, b) - is useful.

    It should be added that it is now in lipstickadd UV filters to protect against the sun's rays. On the mountain resort that's certainly the way, in the city - is unlikely. But exactly that UV filters does not harm anyone.

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