5 of 6 we lose teeth from caries does not!


  • Why inflamed gums?
  • Developmental stages of gum disease:
  • What to do with the inflammation of the gums?
  • How to protect the health of the gums?

  • It turns out that the main enemy of teeth isI do not decay as most people think of us, and weakened gums. According to WHO, more than 80% of the world population have symptoms of weakened and inflamed gums, which include: bleeding and sore gums, bad breath, exposure of tooth roots, the appearance of their mobility. This loss exposed even healthy teeth, gums as performing the function of the foundation, with the development of serious inflammation cease to securely hold the teeth.

    Why inflamed gums?

    The main cause of gingivitis ispathological action of microorganisms. Every day on the teeth formed plaque, consisting of bystrorazmnozhayuschiesya bacteria, adverse effects on teeth and gums. If plaque is removed regularly enough and, as a result the gums become inflamed and start to bleed, there is bad breath. This alarm indicates the initial stage of periodontal inflammation, which is called gingivitis.

    Further development leads to inflammation periodontitis, A disease in which the activity of microbesIt leads to disruption of the integrity of the tooth and gum compound. The result is periodontal pockets, which also began to develop microorganisms that adversely acting on bone and periodontal destroying the roots of the teeth. The result of this process is the emergence of mobility and loosening of the teeth and their subsequent loss.

    Developmental stages of gum disease:

    5 of 6 we lose teeth from caries does not!

    Other causes that trigger inflammation of the gums:

    • malocclusion, breach of tooth shape
    • poor-quality prosthetics and injuries
    • improper oral care
    • poor diet, lack of vitamins
    • metabolic disorders, diabetes, excess weight
    • low immunity
    • smoking, bad ecology, stress.

    What to do with the inflammation of the gums?

    If signs of gum disease(Bleeding, bad breath, etc.) Should apply to the dentist. The doctor will select the desired treatment regimen, will hold a professional oral hygiene to remove microbial plaque (the main cause of inflammation), appoint a special anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agents for the gums (balsams and gels for gum, mouthwash).

    How to protect the health of the gums?

    • Not less than 1 time in 6 months see your dentist for inspection and professional oral hygiene to remove plaque and tartar.
    • Use a toothbrush made of artificialfibers are soft and moderate stringency which when used properly brush their teeth better than hard, but not damage the gums. Promptly change the brush to a new (once every 2-3 months).
    • Include in the diet of solid foods (apples, radishes, carrots, raw), which helps to massage the gums and removal of soft plaque.
    • Every time you eat, use mouthwash and dental floss to remove food debris.
    • For oral care usespecialized therapeutic and preventive agents for gums - balms and gels, mouthwashes and toothpastes. These funds, in contrast to traditional oral hygiene, provided by members of the components is not only clean teeth, and healthy gums, which play an important role in the foundation of the teeth.

    5 of 6 we lose teeth from caries does not! Therapeutic and prophylactic series "Asepta"It created specifically to protect the gums from inflammation. The series includes balms and gels for gum, toothpaste and mouthwash, which allows for a comprehensive oral care. Efficiency means "Asepta" confirmed by clinical tests and are recommended by the Central Research Institute of Dentistry (CNIIS, Moscow).

    "Asepta®" series tools help fight inflammation and bleeding of the gums, destroying harmful microorganisms, eliminate bad breath, provide reliable preventive protection.

    The recommended scheme of application of means of a series of "Asepta®" depending on the state of the oral cavity:

    When inflammation of the gums is recommended Balm for the gums "Asepta®" adhesive together with Rinse aid "Asepta®".

    Then, in step applies recovery Gel for gums with propolis "Asepta®".

    "Asepta®» Toothpastes or "Asepta® Sensitive» (Dental hypersensitivity) use the entire period of treatment, and for further prevention.

    Rinse "Asepta® Fresh» It recommended for daily prophylactic protection of teeth and gum health.

    Not so long ago in a series of "Asepta®" appeared novelty - a set of "Healthy gums Asepta". This set contains three tools - adhesivebalsam gum, mouthwash and medical-prophylactic toothpaste "Asepta®" integrated application which provides the most proactive protection against inflammation of the gums. In addition, a significant attraction set "Asepta Healthy gums" is that the therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste "Asepta®" 75 ml available in the set in gift.

    5 of 6 we lose teeth from caries does not!

    Therapeutic and prophylactic series "Asepta" helps the gums to be a reliable basis for your teeth and provide comprehensive oral care.

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