Pulp treatment of patients teeth



Pulpitis - a disease in which the soft tissue of the tooth (pulp) are covered by an inflammatory process. The reason then becomes infectious pathogen.

Most often complicated pulpitis cariesImpervious to timely treatment. In this regard, pathogenic microorganisms - usually streptococci - to penetrate the tooth surface to its pulp (nerve).

Other risk factors are called:
  • mechanical damage to the tooth
  • partial or complete loss of the crown
  • temperature effects
  • exposure to chemicals
The inflammatory process that develops in the softtooth tissue tends to spread gradually affecting deeper layers. So, the further development of the pathogens penetrate the root sections and continue their livelihoods there. There are symptoms such as acute pain, increased tooth sensitivity (including thermal stimulus), pain radiating in the trigeminal nerve.

For the exact same characteristic is the pulpitparoxysmal over, then there is a sudden onset of pain. For the first time it occurs, it is necessary to visit a specialist and start competent treatment. It uses the conservative methods and surgical intervention, depending on the process. Initially, the fabric is possible to maintain, thanks to effective local drug enhancing regeneration. After applying a special ointment to temporarily seal up the tooth is removed and about a week to monitor the effect of therapy. If you were not seen deterioration installed permanent filling. Operative same method implies not preserve soft tissues of the tooth and its replacement with a special material.

Pulpitis - is an acute inflammatory process, and,therefore appeal to the specialist should not be delayed. Otherwise there is a risk of developing periodontitis, pulp necrosis. In order to prevent, experts recommend not to delay the treatment of dental caries, as well as take care of oral hygiene.

Treatment of pulpitis

Dentistry - a normalization of functional andphysiological tooth structure using professional methods. In dentistry, it resorted to this concept as the common, unifying several diseases and technologies to combat them.

Under dentistry today involve medical measures to eliminate the pathological process caused by:
  • Pulp treatment of patients teethcaries
  • pulpitis
  • periodontitis
During the initial examination and further diagnostic tests dentist identifies and develops existing violationsthe most effective approach for effects on them. Thus, the affected tooth tissue is removed and treated with special substances, and then sealed. At the first stage uses temporary materials in the future, in the absence of complications and complaints will be replaced with a more durable, looks identical to natural enamel.

Dentistry today is different from the knownall stereotype, implying fear of this procedure. Modern technologies and professionalism allow us to make all medical actions are not only effective, but also painless. Therefore dental chair should not be associated with unpleasant sensations, on the contrary, in our clinic, equipped with light of psychological comfort, all working on the doctor-patient partnership. This interaction is particularly important, for it is not necessary to forget, postponing a visit to a specialist. Otherwise, we can go about the undesirable consequences, such as the spread of the pathological process.

In the treatment of teeth defining momentit becomes systemic. Ensure regular maintenance and timely therapeutic examinations. A significant role is played by good oral hygiene, as well as you can get further advice when talking to your doctor. Thus, for maintaining healthy and strong teeth should seek assistance from a professional.

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