Cryptorchidism: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


  • Symptoms of cryptorchidism
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cryptorchidism

  • Cryptorchidism - a fairly common anomaly in the development of children, in which the testicles are not descended into the scrotum.

    Immediately after the birth of cryptorchidism occurs in 10% of boys, to
    the first year, 70% of them spontaneously omission of eggs in

    Symptoms of cryptorchidism

    Cryptorchidism: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
    At the heart of cryptorchidism
    is a sexual dysfunction of the system as a whole, expressed in primary
    defeat of testicular function and latent failure
    hypothalamic-pituitary system. The delay may be due to testicular
    his way of lowering the physiological (in the retroperitoneal space -
    abdominal cryptorchidism or in the inguinal canal - inguinal cryptorchidism) or outside
    this path (ectopic testis). If ectopic testis is located under the skin
    crotch, abdomen or thigh, and others.

    When false cryptorchidism no permanent fixation
    testes in the scrotum. In the absence of one or both testicles notes
    tightened scrotum, missing testicle fails, as a rule,
    palpated through the abdominal wall, bring down in the course of the inguinal canal or
    into the scrotum. Sometimes eggs can not be determined.

    Perhaps a combination of cryptorchidism with inguinal hernia.

    Severe complications are malignant cryptorchidism
    testicular degeneration, volvulus, and infringement of undescended testicle in
    poslepodrostkovom age - hypogonadism and infertility.

    Definitely causes cryptorchidism not defined. there are several
    the causes of this condition. Cryptorchidism father or brother increases the risk
    occurrence of disease, indicating that the genetic fate
    mechanism. Another important cause of undescended testicle - a hormonal
    an imbalance in the body of the mother and fetus third trimester of pregnancy.

    Among the factors increasing the risk of cryptorchidism stand out:

    • Low birth weight (less than 2500);
    • The use of estrogen in the mother during the first trimester of pregnancy;
    • Multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets);
    • Premature birth;
    • Decline in growth and weight at birth.

    Diagnosis and treatment of cryptorchidism

    A fundamental point in the diagnosis of cryptorchidism is inspection
    Urologist (children's urologist), a pediatrician. In order to distinguish
    cryptorchidism congenital absence of the testis can be carried out
    magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography of abdominal
    cavity and pelvic organs. If the egg is not defined in the inguinal
    the channel can be performed laparoscopy - inspection of the abdominal viscera
    cavity via endovideosurgical technology (introduced through
    a small hole).

    Treatment of cryptorchidism can be therapeutic (hormonal) or surgically.

    Treatment of cryptorchidism in complicated surgical cryptorchidism and
    when ineffective hormonal treatment. Hormonal treatment is initiated with

    Given the possible complications from ignoring undescended
    testicle. It is necessary to carry out a weighted treatment revealed cryptorchidism
    the age of 6 months. You must still determine whether the change early
    treatment to improve the situation with frequent formation
    malignant degeneration and decreased fertility,
    caused by cryptorchidism.

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