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  • What is a trauma such as a burn?
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  • What is a trauma such as a burn?

    First aid for burns Burn - it organzma tissue damage caused byaction of heat. Its severity is determined by the area and depth of tissue damage. Depending on the severity of burns divided into four degrees.

    • Grade I. Skin redness, slight swelling, accompanied by tenderness. It takes three to four days, leaving a slight itching and flaking of the skin, which also will soon disappear.
    • Grade II. The formation of bubbles with a yellowish liquid. Healing occurs after 10-12 days, without scar formation.
    • Grade III. Most lesions depth. Fabrics deadens formed eschar.
    • IV degree. It is characterized by the skin charring and defeat deeply lying tissue - subcutaneous fat, muscle and bone.

    Burns are the third and fourth degrees require immediate treatment to the doctor. However, before the arrival of doctors, you can take the following actions:

    • Remove clothing from the victim. If pieces of cloth stuck to the skin, tear them in any case impossible. Open areas of the body must be wrapped with clean warm cloth: heat loss in severe burns lead to danger to life and various complications.
    • Severe burns can cause painful shock. To let it prevent the victim pain pills.
    • Poite victim hot tea or alkaline mineral water.

    In severe burns self inadmissible!

    Regarding burns first and second degree, they can be treated at home.


    arodnye means

    • Once you get burned, immediately substitute the affected area under running cold water. This will relieve the pain and reduce the consequences of a burn.
    • A wonderful tool, relieves pain andaccelerating healing - raw potatoes. Grate peeled potatoes, put on the cloth and attach to the place burn. Change the compress as it is heated. In an extreme case, it is possible to cut a potato chip and apply it to the affected area.
    • A very effective means - or black tea leavesgreen tea. Cold strong tea leaves pour on the burnt place. Then the bandage and it continuously for a few days from time to time to wet tea, dry up without giving bandages.
    • If you were formed on the site of the burn blisters,Mix egg yolk, one teaspoon of vegetable oil and two tablespoons of sour cream. This mash should be spread thickly wound and then bandaged. The bandage is changed every day.
    • This unusual and not the most pleasant, butvery effective as Urinotherapy also help you. Burn wet a fresh urine and bandaged. For a few days now and then repeat the procedure. However, remember that doctors are not agreed about urine therapy for burns. Some believe its use unacceptable.

    Remember that in any case it is impossible to pierceformed in situ burn bubbles: you risk to bring a life-threatening infection. One also must not lubricate the damaged area with ointment: in this case the heat transfer is difficult, and increases healing time.

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