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  • Hernias of the abdomen
  • umbilical hernia
  • Inguinal hernia

  • Most often a hernia occurs where there isconstant pressure navneshnyuyu shell bodies. Just as in the saying: "Where is thin, there irvetsya" ... Only when a hernia nothing torn, and there are so-called "hernial" through which organs protrude outward.

    hernia Treatment

    Hernias of the abdomen

    When there is a small hernia abdominal skinbump, which can be easily straighten your fingers inside, and the hernia seems to disappear for a while. But this is not the way, after some time a hernia reappears, accompanied by a wild attack of pain. And only then, surgeons will be able to help the person. If a person appeared hernia - it is an alarming signal to the body that some bodies were displaced from their rightful place.

    When necessary to carry out a complete herniaexamination to exclude the appearance of hernias in the future. If the hernia uvas already have it for a long time and "well-behaved" - easy to reduce a, bouts of pain is not - it is doubly dangerous. The longer exists hernia, the wider becomes the hernial ring and the larger bodies are displaced relative to each other and their operation is disturbed.

    Imagine that in the hernial bag getsgut ... It turns out the loop, and because in the gut is constantly moving half-digested food. The loop makes it difficult to peristalsis (normal intestinal contraction necessary for the movement of food and stool), food can rot in the gut, which can lead to very bad consequences - peritonitis and blood poisoning.

    abdominal hernia treatment. Cure stomach hernia can only surgically. The doctor makes a small incision, the hernial ring and sutured bodies remain in their places. To prevent the development of a hernia mozhnopo to try to strengthen the abdominal muscles, but avoid too much physical exertion.

    umbilical hernia

    Quite often, umbilical hernia, theyenter the number of abdominal hernias. Most often, this type of hernia occurs at a very early age when mladenetsmnogo screams, straining belly, tendon and ligament weak umbilical ring can not withstand stress and muscle hernia occurs. Umbilical hernia may self-destruct in time, when the umbilical ring is formed, that is, within 5-6 years. But it also happens that "earned" in grudnichkovom age umbilical hernia manifests sebyatolko when a person becomes an adult.

    Treatment of umbilical hernia. In infants hernia treated conservatively: doctor puts a plaster on his stomach, preventing the stretching of a muscle tendon, and hernia gradually passes. It is not necessary to attempt self-treatment of umbilical hernia in an infant - to properly apply the patch, you need a good knowledge of anatomy, or can only do harm. If umbilical hernia is detected in an adult, it can only be cured by surgery. There are several methods:

    • autoplasty: a method in which the integrity of the abdominal wall is recovering from its own tissues. This on-site hernia shell thickens to prevent re-occurrence of hernia;
    • Endoscopic treatment is a low-impact surgery, in which on the umbilical ring is superimposed implant - a grid that prevents protrusion of the hernia.

    To prevent the development of umbilical hernias prettyeasily. If the child has no congenital hernia, just do not let him scream for a long time. If the baby pokrichit 5-10 minutes - it's not terrible, but if the baby has to scream hysterically and a half hours in a row - this is a serious precondition for the development of umbilical hernias.

    Inguinal hernia

    Inguinal hernia - a congenital defect thatIt arises from the cleft area of ​​the peritoneum, which is covered with egg. The testicle descended into the scrotum and abdominal portion protruded outward. Thus, severe physical stress, frequent constipation or a sharp increase in body weight, available hernial bag gets colon and hernia has to be treated immediately.

    Treatment of inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia can be cured only by surgery. Fortunately, modern surgery prefers the endoscopic method, in which a defective portion of the abdominal wall is sutured, or impose a special mesh that prevents the protrusion of the hernia.

    Follow your doctor's instructions and be healthy!

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