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  • What is a hernia and what are they?
  • Why do they occur?
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  • Umbilical hernia
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  • What is a hernia and what are they?

    Hernia. We will delete?Hernia - a protrusion of output or anybody from the cavity, where it is located, through a congenital or acquired opening. There are congenital and acquired hernia. Their appearance - the phenomenon of unpredictable. You can go to the toilet with constipation, and come out with a hernia. Sometimes it get bronchitis - 'tied' to cough. Acquire hernia can even be in the gym, and strictly following the recommendations of the instructor.

    The most common inguinal hernia, withwhich is the hernial sac in the inguinal canal. Femoral exits the large vessels along the inner side of the thigh - at the exit site of the vessels from the abdominal cavity. If umbilical hernia hernial sac comes through the umbilical ring or exit site of placental vessels, with diaphragmatic - through a hole in the diaphragm. Abdominal hernia occurs due to the abdominal wall injury if the muscle layers are not fully recovered. Sometimes a hernia and inside the abdominal cavity - it comes, for example, through the sciatic foramen (such cases are rare).

    Hernias are not only unaesthetic look - most of them are very dangerous! Do not close your eyes to the problem - emergency surgery may be required at any moment.

    Why do they occur?

    Abdominal wall, muscle and consisting of denseconnective tissue, serves many functions, one of which - to keep the internal organs in a natural position. Under the influence of intra-abdominal pressure in the weakest areas of the abdominal wall defect can be formed - hernial ring, in which leaves and hernia. Exit hernia provoke: increased physical activity, coughing, and even constipation.

    hernia formation can stay for youunnoticed, and may be accompanied by severe pain. After some time the hernia is gradually increased until the protrusions at the hernial sac greater part of the intestine and may reach several tens of centimeters.

    Operational decision

    Hernia. We will delete?The appearance of a hernia depends on the predispositionorganism. Even a trained press is not absolute protection! On the contrary, the elastic muscle hernia support, making it almost invisible, thereby triggering the infringement. Self, as well as professional reduction of hernia is dangerous! The best thing is over emergency operation. Unfortunately, the hernia will not go away either by itself or under the influence of drugs or physical therapy. It can only increase, thereby increasing the risk of complications.

    Surgical treatment of hernia conventionally divided intotwo types. In the first case the connection is due to tissue pulling them (called conventional operations such). In the second type of operations using implants. After the hernia - a hole that can be eliminated by tightening the edges without tension or tissue implant to close above or below.

    Surgical repair of hernia is calledherniorrhaphy, or hernia repair. The oldest, tried and tested method - Plastic own tissues - is applied to the nineteenth century. The operation in the closing of hernial ring patient tissues (muscle and aponeurosis). The number of relapses ranging from 2% to 15%. The main drawback of this type of surgery - long (up to several weeks) pain. Physical exercises are contraindicated for at least three months.

    Laparoscopic surgery is performed throughsmall punctures. Stroke operation is controlled by a mini camcorder. Most often, abdominal wall defect is closed inside a synthetic mesh prosthesis. The rehabilitation period is only two weeks, and the risk of recurrence - no more than 2-5%. Such operations can be carried out in an outpatient setting, using local or spinal (epidural) anesthesia.

    Umbilical hernia

    The children fairly common umbilical hernia,the cause of which is a defect of the anterior abdominal wall, which is due to anatomical features (more often in girls). Umbilical hernia protrusion appears round or oval shapes of different sizes. At rest in the supine position, it is easy to reduce a into the abdominal cavity, and in its place a well-detectable umbilical ring. Treatment of umbilical hernia depends on its shape and age of the child. As a rule, 3-5 years it passes itself. In later periods umbilical ring is not closed already own - in this case, the child undergoes surgery.

    Plastic closure of the umbilical ring producein a hospital under general anesthesia. Do not be afraid of this operation: it only lasts a few minutes. the next day crumb discharged home early. What can you do at home? Independent Private umbilical ring is well contribute to massage and exercises aimed at developing and strengthening the abdominals. Start "treatment facilities" need to months of age, putting the children for 3-5 minutes on the stomach (up to 10 times per day).

    If the crumbs discovered umbilical hernia, youwill have to master the techniques of elemental massage. To increase the muscle tone of the abdominal wall using such massage elements: a circular stroking stomach clockwise and counter-stroking, stroking oblique muscles, rubbing the abdomen (start to do with months of age), tingling around the navel. All these toning techniques necessarily alternate with soothing circular strokes. When a baby four months old, start physical therapy. Be sure to talk with the instructor LFK - it will help you choose the optimal set.

    It is very useful these exercises: sitting down with support for straightened and set aside in the side of the hand, sitting down with support for the bent arms, self turns his back on his stomach. Babe older are recommended: sitting down with the support of the ring and in one hand, raise the straightened legs, tilt and straightening of the body, exercise «take the toy from his chair."

    With the permission of the doctor can try tochechenyMassage: cushions straightened fingers rapidly and abruptly apply pressure to points around the navel, causing muscle tension and reduction of hernia. Do not pay off the popular "old wives' cures - attachment to the herniation of coins and other items. This may cause severe skin irritation and inflammation.

    strangulated hernia

    Infringement of ventral hernia (more common inmen) may occur after heavy lifting, with a strong cough, or significant abdominal tension and usually manifested by three main symptoms:

    • acute pain in hernia and / or in the abdomen;
    • increasing herniation, his seal and often painful;
    • nevpravlyaemostyu hernia.

    Often there are nausea and vomiting. Infringement gut is almost always accompanied by intestinal obstruction and, as a consequence, severe intoxication of the whole organism.

    The diagnosis is usually immediately clear. It happens, for strangulated hernia mistaken inguinal or femoral lymphadenitis, hydrocele, epididymitis, funiculitis and torsion of the spermatic cord, where the increasing and sharply painful testicle rises to the external opening of the inguinal canal. For infringement of a hernia it can also be made an acute inflammation of the appendix, located in the hernial sac.

    Patients with strangulated hernia RIGHTindependently, be hospitalized - not to miss developing due to necrosis of the intestinal loop reduction of peritonitis: the first signs of its almost imperceptible. In providing reduction strangulated hernia emergency unacceptable. The exceptions are patients who are in critical condition due to comorbidities, if since the infringement was not more than 1-2 hours. Since the operation in this case is not safe, you can try to gently straighten the hernial contents into the abdominal cavity. If this is not possible, then, despite the severity of the condition, the patient should be operated.

    Slipping dentures

    A month after the operation through a syntheticmesh prosthesis germinate connective tissue fibers, forming a dense layer of a thickness of 2 mm. This connective tissue is plastic, but does not stretch that eliminates the appearance of a new hernia.

    comment specialist

    Hernia. We will delete?Peter Saranyuk, manual therapist: "If the umbilical hernia can do without surgery."

    Unfortunately, chiropractic can not offer methods for the treatment of inguinal, femoral, diaphragmatic or abdominal hernias. Especially if there is an infringement. Here the decisive word for surgeons.

    In most cases, it is shown operativeintervention. However, umbilical hernia, correctly using massage umbilical area, you can fix the problem and do without surgery. Of course, you need to consult with an expert who will tell you how to do it. This massage includes a soft calm strokes, then vibrating tapping fingers, and at the end - the deeper strokes and pressure. This should be done for 5-7 minutes, 2-3 times a day. But without fanaticism!

    After a few days, if they do not appearpain, can be used to massage the ball ping-pong table: it "to pump" hand to the umbilical area, pressing gently but firmly. At this time, it is important to proper nutrition. The ration enter more fruits and vegetables, vegetable oil. The chair is sure to be a regular and soft. Suffice it to observe those recommendations and to massage under the supervision of a specialist, and hernia "hide" in a few weeks.

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