Alcohol + medications = danger!


Alcohol + medications = danger!By and large, do not mix with alcoholno medicines. If you have received treatment and you have to take pills, you need to forget about alcohol. Ethyl alcohol - in itself quite aggressive substance. It takes the body a certain way of neutralization, and in very many systems - without waiting in line, with the highest priority. At the same time taken the drug in this case removed from the body much more slowly.

You feel that alcohol is not compatible only with pills? And absolutely nothing! In fact, even if the drip cold dropsAnd in the evening to have a drink with friends beer - headache guaranteed.

Nitroglycerin and heart fundsConversely, lower pressure. In combination with alcohol the effect is compounded. In addition, nitroglycerin under the influence of alcohol changes the action and does not bring much-needed relief heart.

Antidepressants - Interaction with alcohol may bedeadly. Depending on the kind of drugs and the effects of the beverage can be very different. For example, backgammon and Chianti (red wine) together can give a jump in blood pressure, which can lead to stroke. Other combinations may, for example, to sedation with a sharp loss of coordination.

Codeine - The substance is included in many medications fromcough. With alcohol, it forms a very dangerous combination. Codeine depresses the respiratory center - this is based on its antitussive effect. In combination with alcohol the possible choking up to respiratory arrest.

painkillers in combination with alcohol reduces the reactivity of the nervous system to a dangerous level. Be careful, even a glass of beer can make a difference.

Antibiotics too, should not be mixed with alcohol, or fromdrugs, they become toxic. You will suffer from hot flushes to the head, from dizziness and nausea. In old age, when the alcohol is retained in the blood for longer, the effects of such a combination may be even more unpleasant.

antipyretics together with a glass or two of alcohol will cause a massive blow to the gastric mucosa. Aspirin is often used along with alcohol to prevent the unpleasant effects of the morning hangover. Doing this is decidedly not. Their co-operation can lead to internal bleeding.

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