It is easier to prevent than to cure. stroke Prevention


  • Why is so important prevention
    stroke, and knowledge of its precursors?
  • Recommendations of the National Association
    US stroke

  • It is easier to prevent than to cure. stroke PreventionStroke - a severe neurological disease with a high
    the risk of death and disability of the patient. Stroke is the third Statistically
    leading cause of death, so more attention to it is quite understandable.

    Yes, everyone knows a stroke - it's scary, but always think,
    it happens to someone else, it passes us and our loved ones. It occurs
    like a bolt from the blue, and sometimes even a bouquet of chronic diseases is not
    a reason for the appearance of stroke. Stroke often affects young people, and that
    not aware of such a threat.

    Why is so important prevention
    stroke, and knowledge of its precursors?

    Unfortunately, stopping the development of apoplexy, namely as
    otherwise known as a hemorrhagic stroke, it is extremely difficult. too short
    a time when the active medical action can reduce the damaged area
    brain. Most often, physicians have to contend with the consequences of the disease, and
    it is long, expensive and not always effective. So attentive to its
    the health of Americans have long developed a guide for the prevention of stroke,
    teaching how to prevent

    Recommendations of the National Association
    US stroke

    1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle! development risk
      stroke significantly reduce physical exercise and sports that are suitable to you
      the style of life and health, such as dancing, walking outdoors, swimming,
      cycling and so on. that
      prevent stroke, eat well, eat more vegetables,
      fruits, limit the use of salt, animal fat, watch your weight.
    2. Smoking - a fight! After all, it is almost a factor of 2 increases
      the risk of stroke, vascular disease causes, promotes the formation
      thrombus reduces resistance to cerebral hypoxia.
    3. Reduce the consumption of alcohol! Remember, for the prevention of stroke
      enough 1 glass of dry wine at dinner, it expands blood vessels of the brain,
      prevents the development of atherosclerosis, and in the case of alcohol abuse,
      effect - just the opposite.
    4. Control your blood pressure! At the age of
      over 40 years to do it regularly. High blood pressure - a common cause of stroke, and if your blood pressure is higher than 140/90 mm
      Hg. Art., check with your doctor. In hypertensive stroke prevention -
      are drugs that lower blood pressure. Remember, they need to take
      constantly and not sporadically.
    5. Make an electrocardiogram to rule out the presence of
      atrial fibrillation. In atrial fibrillation, the blood stagnates in large
      circulation, which promotes the formation of blood clots and the development of embolism
      vessels of the brain, leading to stroke. It helps prevent stroke antiarrhythmic
      drugs and anticoagulants.
    6. Refine your cholesterol, make
      blood chemistry. Excess cholesterol is deposited in the envelopes
      blood vessels of the brain, formed plaques violate blood flow and
      contribute to the development of stroke. How to lower cholesterol levels and prevent stroke? Assist diet, exercise and
      special medicines.
    7. If you have diabetes, follow strictly for the prevention of stroke
      doctor's recommendation. Progressive disease affects blood vessels
      brain, increases the risk of apoplexy.
    8. Heart problems, anemia, vegetative
      dystonia, renal disease, diseases of the veins and arteries - all this requires
      timely diagnosis and treatment. How to prevent a stroke if, for example, to ignore
      Varicose veins? Cerebral blood flow can
      violated with cervical osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, carotid and blockade
      vertebral arteries. Such problems can be solved as a conservative,
      or by surgery.
    Finally, remember, when the signs of oxygen
    suffering brain, sudden weakness, dizziness or headache, violation
    vision, hearing or speech, you should immediately call the brigade "first aid" does not
    hoping that everything will be! prevention
    stroke - it is also a fast correction of any, even transitory, violations
    cerebral circulation.

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