meteodependent person at different times of the year


  • Features meteozavisimosti in summer
  • Meteodependent in winter
  • Off-season and meteozavisimost

  • Features meteozavisimosti in summer

    meteodependent person at different times of the yearA healthy person has good adaptationcapacity and almost does not feel the changing weather conditions. His body is in dynamic equilibrium with environmental conditions. Weather changes stimulate the activity of many systems, like training the human body.

    But people who suffer from chronic diseases,particularly sensitive to weather changes. Observations of physicians indicate that there are the most typical combination of weather factors negatively affecting the body of people with chronic diseases. In the summer, it is - high temperature, high humidity and low atmospheric pressure.

    Excessive moisture at low airpressure in patients with cardiovascular and broncho-pulmonary diseases increase the oxygen deficiency, they are already experiencing. In addition, high humidity makes it difficult to sweat, which in combination with high temperatures promotes the overheating of the body. All this adversely affects the activity of the heart, blood vessels and lungs.

    At high and low atmospheric pressure (inwithin the average climatic norms) temperature and humidity can also occur spasm of blood vessels and bronchi, headache and other complications. In order to adapt the body to the weather conditions, it is necessary to spend more time outdoors, often airing working and living spaces.

    In these days, reduce physical activity,not carry heavy bags, not venturing washing or cleaning the apartment. It is necessary to pay attention to diet - limit meat, fat and flour dishes, prefer yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, and vegetables and fruits. Drink juices, fruit drinks, mineral water. And not a drop of alcohol, which enhances vascular spasms with all its consequences.

    The sharp cooling in the summer, especially with thewind and high humidity, both at high and at low air pressure brings to patients with cardiovascular diseases increased tone of peripheral vessels. In the days of cold weather they should especially comply strictly with a doctor's prescription. And those who have the disease broncho-pulmonary system or joints - to avoid the cooling limit walking, motor activity.

    Perfect weather in the summer - when the daysSolar air temperature within 18-27 degrees, moderate humidity (56-71 percent) and atmospheric pressure - 750-760 mm Hg. Such a combination of weather conditions are favorable for all.

    Meteodependent in winter

    In winter especially difficult for patientsfrosty weather with high humidity and strong winds. This weather combined with high atmospheric pressure often causes spasms of blood vessels and bronchi. It is in these days avoid physical exertion, excitement, for not to leave the house as possible.

    Regularly ventilate the apartment andoperating room, but avoid drafts. And, despite the fact that the state of health may not be very good (lethargy, broken), doctors recommend necessarily to do morning exercises. Perfect weather in the winter, when dry, frost does not exceed 20 degrees, and atmospheric pressure - 750-760 mm Hg.

    Off-season and meteozavisimost

    As for pre-season periods, somethingascertain physicians, and at that time people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, other more sensitive to weather changes. In the off-season patients with cardiovascular diseases on the advice of a physician should increase the dose of drugs they are taking.

    As experts recommend, the body should betrain. For this to be done daily cool cool off, dousing, douches and other water treatments. Sick, elderly people and children before starting tempering water treatment, should consult with your doctor what is best to choose a method of hardening in view of the disease and the general state of the organism.

    As you can see, the secrets of combat negativethe effects of weather changes are quite simple, do not require a titanic effort and cost. The effect depends on the severity of your ailments and your desire to be in good physical shape.

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