Spices, seasonings, which you will create a miracle


Spices, seasonings, which you will create a miracleIt's time to think about the use of herbs and spices that can be much tastier, more interesting and more piquant than any version of mayonnaise.

And spices - magical substance. Unfortunately, they do not cure serious diseases. But they can help the body does not wear out with age, eyes - shine, skin - to be supple and fresh, heart - pounding evenly and uniformly, and of joints and bones serve you for years to come.

Just to name a few spices and seasonings that replace harmful shoplifting flavor enhancers and will safeguard you against the most terrible and unpleasant human diseases of the third millennium.


Whether you love cinnamon rolls? Eat them with a clear conscience and tell friends that the doctor has prescribed bakery diet to lower cholesterol, blood sugar normalizing and strengthening blood vessels. This, incidentally, is true.

Perhaps it is not necessary to lean on the rolls, but to put a bottle of cinnamon powder on the table and add a pinch of coffee, porridge, cottage cheese casserole - a very useful and tasty.

Yet there is evidence that cinnamon is recommended to burn extra calories.


Spices and seasonings not only add taste andsharpness, but also can act as a painkiller. For example, chili. The more hot pepper, the more it substance called capsaicin. This substance reduces the pain, but not only. Capsaicin is recommended to any person for the prevention of cancer or any heart disease.

Choose any variety of hot peppers - jalapeno from(Quite soft, a little sharp little) to the most wild Scotch bonnet and habanero, which only need a tiny pinch of that large portions of food has become a spicy and sharp.

Well, for a snack: hot pepper helps digest food and lose weight - all at the expense of that of capsaicin.


Parsley is beautiful, no doubt. But to use this very affordable only for seasoning salads jewelry - natural crime. Parsley facilitates pain in the kidneys and improves the patency of the arteries.

Prepare a "green" pate: 100 grams Parsley grind in a blender, squeeze a little lemon juice, add a little hot pepper and a small piece of cheese. Receiving a brilliant paste that can be used instead of butter for sandwiches or as a sauce for pasta or vegetables. To paste turned more liquid, add to it a little cream on thin yogurt or sour cream.


Spices, seasonings, which you will create a miracleYou have problems with the stomach or problems withintestines? Buy a packet of turmeric. Solar orange flavoring is used not only in the eastern kitchen for the preparation of specific complex dishes. Add it to soups, to homemade pastries, each morning brew with lemon, mint and ginger. Turmeric reduces inflammation, relieves and soothes arthritis for all departments of the digestive system.


Italian herb oregano - leaderMediterranean food in question seasonings use. Oragano added to pasta and pizza, stewed vegetables with it - not only for flavor. Simple plant is able to cope with infections, and therefore indispensable, if you picked up a virus or suffer from bacterial invasion.

Thyme (thyme)

Another plant that is very much like at homeChippolino. By its action on the body similar to thyme, oregano - just wins infection and serves as a powerful antiseptic. Just be careful with the number of - little thyme pour in the soup and you'll never want to smell of the seasonings. Too it spicy. So that pinch on a large pot will be enough.


Many people do not respect the garlic its pungent smell,that some people manage to keep in the mouth for days. But judge whether to abandon the amazingly helpful and very cheap spices that kills the fungus is harmful to humans, it helps get rid of viruses and bacteria, and also combined with any savory dish.

As for the smell, the paste of parsley certainly will stick. Chew them - and the smell of garlic will disappear.

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