Which leads to the development of bladder outlet obstruction


  • What is fraught with bladder outlet obstruction
  • The causes of bladder outlet obstruction

  • What is fraught with bladder outlet obstruction

    Which leads to the development of bladder outlet obstruction Bladder outlet obstruction - a blockage of the urinary tract, where there is a blockage of urine outflow at the level of the bladder neck or urethra.
    Bladder outlet obstruction often occurs inchildren. Due to the outflow of urine trouble thickened muscles, expelling urine. Therefore, urine is forced to move on the lower urinary tract under increased pressure.
    For this reason, the muscles are depleted, the tone of urinarybladder decreases (hypotension, atony). Weak bladder stretches and increases (often up to large sizes). Also, under the pressure of urine expand the ureters and renal pelvis renal system. If left untreated urinary tract blockage, can begin a complication of the disease (pyelonephritis).

    In the first 2-3 years of life is necessary to very carefully monitor his urination. If you notice a violation of urination, immediately show the child urologist.

    The causes of bladder outlet obstruction

    Following development abnormalities can lead to blockage of the urinary tract:
    • congenital bladder neck contracture (Marion's disease);
    • hypertrophy of the seminal vesicle;
    • congenital valves rear urethra;
    • congenital obliteration of the urethra;
    • congenital narrowing of the urethra;
    • a doubling of the urethra.

    Congenital bladder neck contracture -it is rarely found abnormal development, which is also known as Marion's disease. In this case, the muscle and the submucosa of the bladder neck is starting to develop connective tissue, bladder neck is compressed, it becomes bad extensible.


    • After voiding the bladder is a small amount of residual urine;
    • urinary retention, followed by the emergence of hydronephrosis transformation of the ureters and kidneys, and outcome in chronic renal failure (with a large anomaly);
    • minor violations of urination (for a small anomaly).
    Treatment of congenital bladder neck contracture surgery (endoscopic surgery through the urethra).

    Hypertrophy of seed tubercle - is an anomalyseed development protuberance, whereby tubercle seed size increased to varying degrees. At high magnification seminal colliculus overlaps lumen of the urethra. Treatment of this anomaly only surgical (endoscopic surgery).

    Congenital urethral valves -This anomaly in which a urethral lumen folds or membranes formed as cups, diaphragms or funnels. Boys are born with this abnormality often girls - are very rare. The disease is characterized
    violation of urination, the accumulation of residual urine in the bladder.
    The anomaly develops, develops into chronicrenal failure, pyelonephritis. Treatment of congenital urethral valves - only surgical. The valves are removed through the urethra.

    Congenital obliteration of the urethra- Is quite rare in boys malformation, in which the urethra is not all over, or in any area is imperforate.

    Symptoms: urine is released through the fistula into the intestine through the cleft or urinary duct that connects the tip of the bladder with an umbilical cord in utero - urine is excreted through the navel.

    The diagnosis of congenital abnormalities in the newborn set for the first two days of life: there is no independent urination; supply catheter into the bladder impossible.
    Treatment of this anomaly surgery.

    Congenital narrowing of the urethra - is a congenital anomaly in which the newborn (and boys and girls) narrowed the lower portion of the urethra.
    Treatment of congenital narrowing of the urethra - surgical.

    Doubling the urethra - is rarelyoccurring malformation mostly boys at which the urethra extends from the bladder neck and opens onto the penis head (full doubling) or an additional channel extends from the main channel and opened to the head or the side surface of the penis (partial doubling) .
    Treatment of this anomaly - surgery.

    Remember: only an experienced urologist may conduct examination and proper treatment. Many developmental anomalies, leading to bladder outlet obstruction, can be removed in childhood.

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