The symptoms of Raynaud's disease and its prevention


  • The manifestations of Raynaud's disease
  • Treatment and prevention of exacerbations of the disease Raynaud's

  • Paroxysmal disorders of bloodblood supply to the hands and (or) stop, arising under the influence of cold or excitement is called Raynaud's syndrome. Typically Raynaud's syndrome is a secondary phenomenon, developing at different diffuse connective tissue diseases (primarily scleroderma), lesions of the cervical spine, nervous system, thyroid. If there are no specific reasons for the development of Raynaud's syndrome, Raynaud's talk about the disease.

    The manifestations of Raynaud's disease

    The symptoms of Raynaud's disease and its preventionIt all starts with the sudden short-termepisodes of numbness of fingers, which usually occur under the influence of cold, for instance, when washing or washing in cold water; at least - as a result of strong emotion. Fingers instantly whiten - bloodless and followed by numbness appears sharp bursting or burning pain. First, to izbavitcya pain, quite gently massage and warm your fingers for 2-3 minutes.

    Over time, attacks occur without anyapparent reason, their duration increases, reaching 1.5-2 hours, followed by an attack is not skin pallor, and cyanosis and edema. Later in the affected areas form superficial ulcers, and then deeper foci of necrosis (necrosis) of tissue. 2-5 primarily affecting the fingers hands, feet, at least - other protruding parts of the body (nose, ears, chin).

    Although the vast majority of cases sufferfingers or toes, occasionally meets defeat nose, ears, chin. The picture is the same - porcelain-white (pallid) as if frozen, the skin and severe pain.

    It is not difficult to guess that the disease is associatedin violation of the blood supply to the relevant authorities. This condition is called ischemia. However, you can as much as necessary to investigate the structure of the arteries of patients with Raynaud's disease - is no obstacle to normal blood flow within them is not revealed.

    Today, special methods of research vessels -thermal imaging, rheovasography and Doppler ultrasound - can detect early, early disturbances of blood flow, it is not always visible, even to the patient. Numerous laboratory tests in time prompt a doctor, is not a manifestation of vasospasm latent disease.

    Treatment and prevention of exacerbations of the disease Raynaud's

    The symptoms of Raynaud's disease and its preventionToday, if you can not be cured completely,significantly slow the progression of Raynaud's disease. Specialists use and rich arsenal of medications, and physical therapy, and acupuncture, and even surgery.

    In no event should not take drugshaphazardly, to "jump" from one treatment to another in the hope of an immediate effect - nothing but harm, it will not bring. Similarly, it is not necessary to rush and from doctor to doctor: for the patient better, if long periods of time watching one doctor - a good neurologist or surgeon who eventually sort out the individual characteristics of the disease and will select a treatment regimen, which allows to achieve maximum effect.

    However, the patient himself can greatly facilitatedoctor job, and life itself, if you follow certain recommendations: If you are a smoker, once and for all give up smoking. Even a healthy person with normal vascular reactions nicotine is long increase in the tone of the arteries, and the patient's cigarette can provoke an attack! Avoid hypothermia hands, feet and face. Bathing in the hole - a good thing in principle, but not in Raynaud's disease. Do not wash your hands in cold water, wear warm gloves, and shoes should always be dry in winter.

    It is important to eliminate the effects of vibration. A case in point is not about the hammer - here and so everything is clear, but weak vibration sources are today in every home: the numerous appliances and instruments equipped with an electric motor - electric drills and electric saws, grinders, vacuum cleaners. Refrigerator, washing machine, adjust and put on a good cushioning rubber or foam mat, so they do not rattle. Try an electric drill and power saws do not use it, but if all the same it was necessary to drill a hole in the wall, put on woolen gloves.

    And the last. Organize your time so that both work and leisure have been burdensome to you. Life without sharp shocks and thrills too, a good sleep and peace of mind - and then the drug will help you say goodbye to the long bouts of illness.

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