Varicose veins: how to stop the invisible enemy of your feet


Varicose veins: how to stop the invisible enemy of your feetMentioned it in the "Old Testament", and in the worksoutstanding healers of humanity - Hippocrates, Galen, and Avicenna. It is no accident, and the term "varicose" itself comes from the Latin word varicis - «swelling».

But despite its long historythe existence of the problem is still relevant for most of the modern humanity. Just imagine, in varying degrees of symptoms of varicose veins noted at up to 89% of women and 66% men! That is at risk - more than half of men.

Who is at risk?

The most likely to get the disease,If you spend a significant part of the day "on their feet": varicose veins - the professional disease of hairdressers, retailers, dancers and other persons "active" occupations. But, unfortunately, this circle of people the problem is not limited to: the "risk zone" come as pregnant women, the elderly and even schoolchildren. Lifting weights, "bad" heredity and hormonal changes can also be satellites that accompany this illness.

The operating principle of the disease is thatincreased load on the foot causes a disturbance of venous blood flow, which leads to a strong stretching of the veins, and, as a consequence, - stagnation of blood. As a result, the pressure in the veins increases so that the vessel walls do not stand and begin to expand and thinning.

How to detect the disease at varicose veins and prevent this unpleasant disease?

To start with, carefully inspect your feet: whether they small red and blue vascular "asterisks"? Or maybe you already notice in his dark blue subcutaneous veins? Think about how often in the evenings you feel fatigue, feeling of heaviness and fullness in the calf? Feeling the heat in the feet and leg cramps, too, you know?

All these signs accompany this dangerous disease - varicose veins.

Swelling of the legs, pain, itching and heaviness, and cyanoticskin tone is signaled on the development of chronic venous insufficiency. Advanced stages of the disease provoking thrombophlebitis - inflammation of the varices to form blood clots in them. As a result - sores or eczema in the affected areas.

But all fixable if hit the ground running "with the mind!"

Varicose veins: how to stop the invisible enemy of your feetAs with any disease, prevention is the best way - prevention!

At an early stage of the development of varicose veins is still possiblestop. Already at the first sign of it is recommended to use compression stockings or socks you with a suitable compression class. And if you care about your health and buy pre-compression hosiery in advance, it will be an excellent prevention, if you just started to notice the first signs of the disease and have not yet planned a trip to the doctor.

At the first sign of varicose veins should not be delayed and the visit to the doctor, as the timely examination and assigned treatment - guarantee of victory over the disease.

It is important to note that the modern compressionstockings, socks and stockings are included in most programs to combat varicose veins, which are prescribed by doctors. And so compression hosiery - your reliable ally in the fight against varicose veins every day!

Varicose veins: how to stop the invisible enemy of your feet

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