Giardiasis treatment for children and adults by traditional remedies

Giardia lamblia refers to protozoan parasiteswhich is extremely dangerous for human's health. Cysts occur in the organism by digestive way. After that a patient spreads the disease to others. In order to get rid of giardiasis (beaver fever), traditional methods are as effective as medicines.

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Giardiasis treatment for adults by traditional remedies

Giardia treatment includes not only taking decoctions, herb or other natural infusions but also holding the special diet. It's necessary to exclude all sweet products and include as many tart products as it's possible. Therefore, it's needed to eat diary products, tart berries and fruits. To eliminate giardia, you can try naturhorseradishal recipes:

  • Horseradish. You should peel 3 roots of horseradish, grind and pour 1 liter of water. Leave it for several days. The ready infusion needs to be strained and then add up to 200 ml of honey. Leave it with honey for 3 days more. The infusion should be drunk 30 m
    l 3 times a day before eating every day. In order to get rid of a problem you should drink it for 10 days. After this period take some rest and then repeat the course for a week.

  • Garlic. Cyst treatment in adults can be held with the help of special garlic infusion. You should pour 100g of peeled garlic and 500 ml of vodka. Leave it for 3 days, after that put the garlic and grind. Put it again with vodka and leave it for a week. Strain it and use it 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening. The most efficiency of the infusion will be if a glass of milk is added up. With this remedy you can get rid of the disease for 2 weeks only.

  • Tansy. For 1 tablespoon of tansy pour 1 glass of boiled water. In 15 minutes strain it and divide a glass in 2 consuming medicine. This remedy will not only help to get rid of parasites, but also of their cysts. However, it's prohibited to take the medicine while in pregnancy.

  • Oats. In order to cook the infusion you need to pour two glasses of oats with 1 liter of water. Boil it and keep it on the fire until 1/3 of fluid is evaporated. The fire should not be large, and to avoid sticking you should always mix. The ready mixture should be eaten 200g before every meal. The course duration- 15 days.

Giardiasis treatment for children by traditional remedies

At least one of the three children has faced with beaver fever at once. This refers to common usage of toys, personal hygiene and communication with infected animals. In addition to medicines, children can use traditional methods.giardiasis treatment by traditional methods infusion

  • Pumpkin seeds. It's an effective remedy which will not only help to get rid of giardiasis and cysts but it is delicious enough. You need to take 100g of seeds, pound it properly and add up 25 ml of water and the same amount of honey. The ready mixture should be eaten during 1 hour. After that you should take cathartic. It may be olive or other herb oil or drink a simple cathartic.

  • Corn silk. One of the safest and effective recipes. Children from 3 years can consume it. Pour 1 tablespoon of corn silk with a glass of boiled water. Leave it for 2 hours, and strain it. Use it 1 tablespoon for a day. The infusion should be used in the morning and before going to the bed. The course duration - 2 weeks

  • Peppermint, Helichrysum and Potentilla. It's necessary to take 1 teaspoon of each herband pour it 1 liter of boiled water.It's recommended to take it into thermos for a night. The ready infusion should be strained and used for 50 ml 3 times a day. The duration course - 1 month.

  • Celandine, dandelion root and birch buds.One more unique collection which createsunpleasant environment in intenstines for giardia life. Take a herb in equal amount. 1 tablespoon of a collection should be poured by 2 glasses of boiled water. You should strain it in 2 hours. Consume it in the morning and evening for 100ml.

Giardiasis treatment in liver by traditional remedies

Giardia live not only in a small intenstine, but also in a liver. This type of treatment is longer and more complex. However, there are methods that are as effective as pharmaceutical medicines,milk with garlic against giardiasis and do not load a liver with extra forces

  • Brine.As it was mentioned above, giardia are afraid of acid environment. Therefore, it's recommended to drink 500ml of brine out of a cabbage. And a coomon dose should be divided in several parts. Brine should be drunk before meals. The course duration-10 days

  • Coconut. It has a high efficiency. You should chop a coconut and mix it with coconut milk. You should consume 1 teaspoon of a mixture 3 times a day before meals. The course duration - 2 weeks. Then take 1 week for some rest.And if it's needed, repeat the course again.

  • Carnation and flax seeds. Chop the seeds, adding a small amount of water. Use 10-30g of a ready mixture every day. Consume the remedy 3 days in the morning, then take some rest and repeat it.

During the giardia diagnosis the treatment bytraditional remedies can be quite effective with keeping the recommendations and a special diet. In order to prevent spreading the disease, it's recommended to keep to the rules of personal hygiene.

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