The treatment different forms of hepatitis by traditional remedies: effective and safe methods

Why do many people prefer to treat hepatitis by traditional methods? The answer is simple.

Hepatitis is conveyed by infectious nutrients orblood. In result, any hepatitis affects liver, if do not take in notice any pain. The disease heaviness can be also different - the hardest types of hepatitis are B and C. They are hardly to treat and there are many side effects from medicines. However, it is not compulsory to use only drugs: how to treat hepatitis by traditional remedies?

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The treatment of viral B and C hepatitis by traditional remedies

Hepatitis treatment by traditional remedies has a number of contraindications - there is a probability of allergic reactions, but there are not any other limitations.

Among the popular receipts:
hepatitis treatment virus B

  • Lemon against hepatitis It helps to fight withhepatitis: the liver regenerates and the infection is eliminated, Lemon juice should be used in a diluted forms with 1 teaspoon of soda, 1 hour before the meal. It's necessary to do some rest for several days. This lemon juice has a pleasant effect on a liver

  • Herb infusions. Herbs are one of the most effective traditional remedies in hepatitis treatment:

  • It's necessary to take a dribbled collectiondifferent herbs, brich leaves, cudweed and tutsan.You need to add several small handfuls of calendula leaves, corn silk, fennel, celandine.Best of all add up several rose hips. This everything is needed to pour with boiled water (500ml) and leave it for 10 hours. Use this remedy in the morning and evening 20 min before meal. After the liquid ends up, it's necessary to take a rest for 1 month.

  • Carbon with milk. For its cooking it's necessary to take 300 ml of milk, add up birch tar. Everything is mixed up. Drink it in the mornings during several weeks. This mixture will help you to overcome hepatitis.

  • Corn silk.This is one of the best recipes against this C type of hepatitis You should take 1 tablespoon of corn stigma in a dribbled form.It's necessary to pour it with boiled water and leave it for several hours. You should use it 4 times a day with 3 tablespoons. This traditional remedies can be applies constantly until the patient is recovered.

Besides, there is also one quite original way forhepatitis treatment by traditional ways - the treatment by leeches. It is necessary to take powder in the meal, which is made of dried leeches - they should be medical. You should be careful, since leeches can expedite the blood loss.

The treatment of chronic hepatitis by traditional remedies

Chronic hepatitis is an inflamed liver (in most cases caused by viruses) which hastransformed in a chronic form, With the help of herbs you can make the bile flow more productive, improve enzymes production and relieve pain. It's necessary to use infusion (a couple of herb spoons on 500 ml boiled water). All traditional remedies by chronic hepatitis treatment should be used before meals. The course duration - half year.hepatitis treatment

  • Prepare a fruit of fennel and cumin, buckthornbark, mint leaf, a teaspoon of yarrow.1 tablespoon of a collection should be poured by 1 liter of boiled water. The mixture should be left for several hours. Drink 1/3 of glass before the meals

  • 1 teaspoon of dribbled lovage herb is poured by 1 glass of boiled water for 2 hours. Consume 1 teaspoon 4 times a day.

  • For this recipe you need a common daisy. Several tablespoons of herbs are left in 1 glass of cold water. Use ½ glass several times a day.

  • In order to get rid of liver pain, put a warm compress and srink ½ glass of olive oil.

  • 3 kg of barley is poured by 6 liters of water forseveral hours. You should boil it until the part of water is evaporated and 700-900 ml is remained. The rest of substance in ¼ of a glass 1 hour before the meal.

  • All these recipes are actual for chronic hepatitis treatment by traditional remedies - the course duration 2-5 weeks. Then it's needed to have a month of some rest.

The treatment of toxic hepatitis

The main purpose of toxic hepatitis treatment isto prevent the poison's influence on organism. It's necessary to clean stomach. You can cause a vomit reflex (drink some water). Milk can relieve tha poison's influence on organism as well as flax decoction. If there's a high temperature it's better to call for an ambulance.

If it's an acute form of toxic hepatitis it's necessary:

  • Move less, rest more;

  • Get rid of poisons in stomach immediately;

  • Poison is excreted from the organism with thehelp of intravenous electrolyte and activated carbon. Activated carbon is the best absorbing remedy which will block poison and will not allow it to spread all over the organism.

  • You can use traditional remedies for toxic hepatitis treatments. Bile remedy and herbs (Holenzim, Holosas, Chamomile) With a strong bile outflow the toxic substances will get away.

  • Vitamins in tablets;

  • A number of homeopathic medicines (Geptral, Liv52, Essentiale) These medicines start the regenerative processes in a liver. These remedies are used several times a day during several months, but the consume duration can be differentiate individually.

Medicines made of herb extracts will improve theresistivity of liver to harmful substances (chemical, alcoholic) They will also improve the tissue regeneration in liver. Traditional remedies can be used after stable improvement of a person's condition.

The hepatitis treatment by traditional remedies for pregnant women

Sometimes it's better to use the doctor's advices- Traditional remedies can influence the fetus not in the best way, even if the hepatitis treatment by traditional methods is more preferable. Both a mother and her child can be under the danger. Thus, it's worth using a number of available and harmless recipes, and do not hesitate consultation with a doctor. You can use following methods:viral treatment hepatitis in pregnancy

  • Classic traditional remedy for hepatitis treatment while in pregnancy: take a milk, mix it with birch tar to the state of dust. The mixture is used twice a day 30 minutes before meals.

  • Very popular usage of pumpkin juice. Pumpkin puree is a very effective method. You should cook it in water and then the pumpkin mixture should be left in milk. You can use some grains to enhance the effect. You can also add up some salt;

  • Mustard oil is also effecive for hepatitis treatment - it's safe for pregnant women. Liver gets better under its influence. It's better to take mustard oil instead of usual one (for meals or salads).

  • Carrot is often used as a hepatitis treatment for future mothers. Several kilograms of carrot (cut) should be poured by one liter of boiled water. Leave the infusion for several hours. Then add up ½ glass of lemon and cranberry juice. Drink several times a day in 200 ml.

In any way, in the process of hepatitistreatment by traditional remedies at home you should observe the organism reactions on these recipes - it'll help to use only the most effective methods in the fight of the disease.

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