Traditional remedies for treating cold: quick recovery for children and adults

Not always pharmaceutical therapy is quiteeffective - it has a number of side effects which are able to harm rather than bring benefits. Therefore, specialists recommend to use traditional remedies for cold treatment that will help to recover very fast.

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During pregnancy it's worthwhile to pay attentionto simple and available remedies which will help in the nearest time to neutralize cold symptoms. What's more importantly, this treatment is absolutely safe for the future infant.cold while in pregnancy

  • Tea with honey and lemon. This is an alternative choice for quick cold treatment - eat lemon with honey and then drink warm water. Repeat the procedure every day.
  • Raspberries. It's an excellent way to low the temperature without antipyretic. An excellent solution would be raspberry infusions and simple consumption of the berries - you should drink with small amount of water.
  • Garlic. Cut it into small porridge and mix it with honey. Consume it 1 tablespoon twice a day.
  • Milk. It's necessary to warm up milk to the temperature that is a little bit higher than that of the room. Add up 1-3 spoons of honey. Use 1 glass 3-5 times a day. A voice recovers within 24 hours and pains vanishes on the third day.

In order to quickly treat cold and flu bytraditional remedies, it's necessary to drink as much as you can, humidify your room air and do the procedures regularly. Besides, take some rest, giving the organism the opportunity to recover and mobilize itself.

Cold treatment on lips via traditional remedies

Herpesviral infection as well as genital herpes are well learned. But even in the 21st century a man could not fully control the virusand fully get rid of it in his organism. If there are chronic forms of herpes with deep changes in organism it's required to use only medical remedies appointed by a doctor, however, slightly outer appearance can be quickly avoided by traditional remedies. Among them:

  • Garlic. The most popular method by its availability and effectiveness. Rash is covered by its juice or cut garlic for nightkind of cold
  • Ice. It's active for the earliest stages, but not overcold the region. You can use ice herb infusions.
  • Egg film is an old method which is an effective traditional mean for cold treatment. It's required to put to the wound only by adhesive side.
  • Oak bark. Cook the infusion by taking 2 tablespoons of bark for 1 glass of boiled water and put it on the wound by cotton sank in a warm infusion

Traditional remedies for cold treatment on lipsare quite effective particularly if you use them in on a regular diet basis such as green onion and citrus in order to improve immune system and avoid the problem

Quick cold and flu treatment by traditional remedies

When there is snuffle or headache you canimmediately go to the drug story, but do you need to poison yourself with chemicals as well as squander a lot of money if you can use traditional remedies? Moreover, the receipts are quite simple and it's easily to cook. Among them:ways of treating cold (1)

  • Garlic is an excellent alternative for treatmentand disease prevention. You should eat one clove of garlic in the mornings and evenings. You can cut several cloves and eat it with honey - such receipt is quite tasty.
  • The most effective traditional remedy for flu treatment is linden honey. It improves your immune system, fights with cold as well as cures angina
  • Echinacea tincture increases immune system which will accelerate the recovery.

You can also use orange fresh because it's very important during such period to eat the products which contain vitamin C.

Traditional remedies to treat cough, snuffle and earache

In addition to complex influence on the cold it'sworth using traditional remedies for cough, snuffle or earache treatment. This will allow to prevent painful feelings, stabilize condition and accelerate recovery process. You can use following receipts:cold

  • Lemon juice kills bacteria and viruses which are in throat. It's necessary to squeeze ½ lemon into a glass of warm water and use the mixture for rinsing. Repeat the procedure three times a day.
  • Salt calms unpleasant feelings in throat. It's enough to dissolve 1 teaspoon of simple salt in a glass of warm water. Rinse every three hours. You can add up 2-3 drops of iodine.

  • For earache you can use simple salt. It's necessary to warm it up and then cover with a blanket. Put it to the ear. Repeat it every several hours. It can also help to recover snuffle.

Essential oils are also widely used amongchildren and adults to treat cold and flu. Drip several drops of these oils in a room and cover lavender oils on a pillow. It will present you a strong sleep which is necessary for organism.

Traditional remedies for cold treatment: effective antipyretic

Cold diseases are usually accompanied by hightemperature which does not get lower even if you use nurofen, paracetamol, aspirin etc. The similar problem occurs among children and adults. The best way to treat is by using traditional remedies. But it's important to understand that is the temperature is lower than 38,5 it means that your organism will cope with the infection itself.natural ways of treating cold In other cases it's used:

  • Vinegar. It's enough to take a glass of water and add up a spoon of vinegar. Then moisten a towel and put it on your forehead. Change the compress every 10-15 minutes until the temperature falls down to the normal one.
  • Cold towels. You should use cold towels on all your peripheral parts.
  • Cabbage. This vegetable is used not only for delicious and useful meals, but also for cold treatment. It allows to lower your temperature less then in hour. It's enough to besiege a patient with cabbage leaves. This procedure is safe and effective.

The traditional remedies for cold treatment helpto prevent cough, earache, snuffle symptoms. What is more importantly, these methods do not have side effects and are suitable for children, adults and pregnant women,

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