Cystitis. What to do?


  • Causes of cystitis
  • What to do with suspected cystitis
  • Deceit cystitis
  • What do not be done
  • Risk factors for cystitis

  • Rewding in the field of genital organs, rapid urge to urination (up to several times per hour), a feeling of overcrowding with an empty bladder, sometimes pain at the bottom of the abdomen and blood in the urine - this is not a complete list of cystitis symptoms that can spoil life instantly and in the most Incorrectly. Custitis is acute and chronic, and the latter may include both frequent (3 or more times a year) recurrences of acute and constant, practically non-disappearing symptoms.

    Causes of cystitis

    The bladder inflammation can cause infections and invasions (bacteria, viruses, mushrooms, simplest and… Even worms), stones and foreign bodies, common endocrine diseases and climax, physical and chemical factors, oncological diseases and even some medicines. In addition, there is still the so-called interstitial cystitis, about the causes of which the minds are still arguing.

    Cystitis female face. This characteristic of the disease of the bladder sounds comical, but, nevertheless, women are getting custitis 8-10 times more often men. 4-5 cm wide female urethra bacteria overcome easier than 18-23 cm narrow male. And the potential colonialists themselves are much more due to the fact that the yield of the urethra, the vagina and the anus in women are very close. Therefore, men cystitis sick much less often, mainly in old age and, in most cases, it is secondary about chronic prostatitis, adenoma, sexually transmitted infections and other sores.

    What to do with suspected cystitis

    Uncomplicated bacterial cystitis to treat even a general practitioner (family doctor). But Ideally, a urologist should be engaged in cystitis, and for women - in a pair with a gynecologist. In practice, this is rarely found, and the urologists are more often treated for men and cystitis associated with the problems of the bladder actually and the kidneys, and the gynecologists get everything else.

    At the same time, the minimum of research: urine tests, strokes from vagina and urethra, must appoint any specialist. It is useful to be examined by sexually transmitted infections from a veneerologist's doctor, even if «nothing», And with the recurrent cystitis, it is necessary to do this. Well, what exactly will need in each case, depends on the flow and severity of the disease: it may be an additional sowing, the consultation of the nephrologist, ultrasound and x-ray to eliminate the pathology of the kidneys, cystoscopy to study the condition of the bladder walls and T.D.

    Deceit cystitis

    Cystitis. What to do?As soon as they come up with, the profession of the doctor will disappear, but so far the main question that needs to be solved by the patient is who will heal it. And here «how» already determines the doctor and no one else.

    The cunning of cystitis is not that it is difficult to treat: the primary uncomplicated bacterial cystitis is just well amenable to antimicrobial therapy. But precisely because of this apparent simplicity and the rapid disappearance of unpleasant symptoms, millions of women annually replenish the ranks of chronically patients. Why? Answer - self-treatment and neglect of normal therapy.

    Custitian medicines are advertised on TV and on the radio under the motto «drink one bag, accept one pill, and you are healthy», Sympathizing willingly share 101 grandmother's recipe and say that they have helped them in a thousand nine hundred and the year, and that's it, and only units of conscientious advisers call for a doctor.

    Indeed, the course of treatment may be superbid. And in the treatment protocols of acute uncomplicated cystitis there are options with a single use of antibiotic. And even a doctor, determined with the causes and manifestations of the disease, can assign that the most advertised. But, firstly, in all decent countries they are sold only on the recipe and no more than a certain amount of daily doses, and, secondly, who told you that cystitis is a reason not to go to the doctor?

    Why? Are you sure you have exactly «Uncompressed» Bacterial and generally cystitis? Normal doctor will call two dozen similar symptom complexes, among which viral cystitis, tuberculosis cystitis, urinary infections, malignant process and another full-time diagnosis of possible diagnoses.

    So if you missed, then at best, self-medication will not help and do not save from malicious symptoms. Worse when they disappear for a while, but the disease will continue to progress. And not fully cured by the bladder infection can go into a chronic or recurring form, turn on the kidneys and neighboring organs, lead to irreversible changes in the bladder and two more to three dozens of diseases.

    Therefore, sorry, but we will not tell how to treat cystitis. At all. Because it will be a medical crime, especially, ask this question, as a rule, those who simply do not want to go to the doctor.

    What do not be done

    Yes, there is such a fashion to be interested in treatment options in case «When you do not get to the doctor». So, what to do, if the sick in the rule, in a distant starlet or in the Martian mine is mined Rubidium?

    For a sharp case outside the house, the Council is: if the signs of cystitis were found on the road, at the resort or in the mountains, and it happened for the first time, it means you need to quickly reach the doctor - somewhere near the wild animals of the ECCLAPs are still found. And on the way, do not transfer, drink more fluid, do not eat sharp, salt and sour and forget about alcohol.

    If you are a chronic problem, before it goes to conquer the uncharted worlds, it is worth consulting from your permanent doctor, what medications take with me, as in which case to take them, as well as to ask the means of communication with this most doctor who saw you personally and watched.

    But what should not be done - it is to take advertised antibiotics and enjoy the schemes that helped someone. Not the fact that your cystitis of the same nature, and the tips are often distributed in the form «And I always have in such cases…». If treatment is so successful, then where does the rest? Frequently repeated cystitis is not a separate problem, but a call signaling about systemic problems in the body and lifestyle.

    And forget the sake of God and maintain your own health, the most popular Internet council: «keep a hot water bottle between legs». Easier from this will, but also infection can spread up and stirre, not to mention that with a diagnosis you could make a mistake.

    Risk factors for cystitis

    Risk factors for the development of cystitis

    • General decrease in immunity and the presence of chronic diseases (stress, problems of nephrological and gynecological part, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, reduced immune response to menstruation and t.D.).
    • Supercooling. Especially dangerous point: pelvis, loin, legs.
    • Changes in the mucous vagina and the urethra. Estrogen deficiency, frequent use of spermicides and inappropriate contraception, inflammation in the organs of a small pelvis, a tendency to constipate, kidney disease and t.NS. lead to the fact that bladder fabrics become more loose and subject to infection.
    • Problems with hygiene. Gaskets and tampons (they are true, doctors not at all in honor) need to be changed as often as possible. It is recommended to wait for the ladies to wade out the ladies. For the same reason should not alternate anal and vaginal sex. Moreover, Escherichia coli has excellent adaptability and strains with «Improved tenacity» in relation to uroepheli.
    • Non-physiological clothes. String panties for intestinal sticks are not luxury, but a means of speedy and more reliable movement to the urethra. Lovers of close jeans, synthetic linen and mini in any weather are also risky.
    • Acute food and alcohol. After acute food, especially armed with alcohol, substances are distinguished with urine, irritating the walls of the bladder, that is, opening bars for infection.
    • Features Anatomy and Stormy Sex. The recurrences of cystitis can contribute to the abnormal anomaly: if it opens in the vagina or is too close to it, then sex is fraught with a foreign flora where one should not. Also cystitis can be a consequence of the sex marathon (after which the hole of the urethra), love on «Full bladder», defloration or change of a partner when the vagina gets new flora. Doctors have even unofficial names «Defloration cystitis» or «cystitis honeymoon».
    • Problems with toilet. The constant overflow of the bladder leads to its stretchability and loss of elasticity, but also permanent visits to the toilet with a small amount of urine (for example, due to stress), can weaken the protective mechanism from the mucous membrane. Normal urination frequency for women - every 3-5 hours.

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