Treatment of thyroid cancer


  • Treatment of thyroid cancer
  • Surgical treatment of thyroid cancer
  • Metastasis of thyroid cancer
  • Forecast of thyroid cancer
  • Prevention of thyroid cancer

  • Treatment of thyroid cancer

    Tactics of treatment is determined histological type of tumor, its aggressiveness and the prevalence, age, and others. It is determined in each case individually.

    thyroid cancer treatment methods include: surgery, treatment with radioactive iodine, hormone treatment, external radiation and chemotherapy. Two or more methods is better to use, allowing you to cure the majority of patients with thyroid cancer. If a cure for some reason it is impossible, it is necessary to remove or destroy as much of the tumor tissue and prevent the growth, spread or recurrence of cancer for a long period of time. Sometimes, only symptomatic treatment is performed to reduce the severity of symptoms, such as pain or respiratory problems swallowing.

    Surgical treatment of thyroid cancer

    Radical treatment of thyroid cancer -Surgical - complete or incomplete removal of the thyroid gland (thyroidectomy) Gone with tissue and lymph nodes of the neck on one or both sides. In childhood, in order to avoid further endocrine disorders leave a small part of the unaffected part of the thyroid gland (subtotal thyroidectomy).

    Treatment of thyroid cancerIn cases where the diagnosis of cancer prior to surgery notIt was delivered and produced economical intervention, resorting to a radical re-operation with irradiation volume in the pre- or post-operative period.

    According to the testimony used the combined method. In the first stage of treatment is carried out remote gamma-therapy to the primary tumor and zones of regional metastasis in the neck, and the second - radical surgery.

    In the case of hypothyroidism after prostate removal surgery - lifetime shown taking drugs thyroid hormones.

    Most thyroid cancers require medical suppression of thyroid-stimulating hormone in the body.

    A peculiar feature of cancer patientsThyroid is the possibility of active treatment of distant metastases. With respect to tumors at other sites, usually remote development, in particular multiple, metastatic tumors eliminates any way radical exposure. very favorable results are obtained in the treatment of radioiodine as metastases of thyroid cancer. Under the influence of this drug during thyroidectomy in many patients disappear entirely lung metastases and significantly inhibited the growth of their bones. The use of radioactive iodine has greatly improved the results of treatment of thyroid cancer.

    At very common forms of thyroid cancercancer palliation used radiotherapy or chemotherapy. At the same time quite often there are indications for tracheostomy (opening of the trachea and the introduction in its lumen a special tube to recover the breath), as the leading and most formidable symptom of advanced disease is a compression of the trachea, often leading to severe suffocation until acute asphyxia. Then, this operation is performed on an emergency basis, and technically it seems extremely difficult, because access to the trachea is closed array of tumors.

    Metastasis of thyroid cancer

    Typically, the tumor does not metastasize. Only the group of tumors of the thyroid gland, which include vysokozlokachestvennye its shape (small cell and anaplastic form of cancer, sarcoma of the thyroid gland with different structures) quite early metastasize to the lungs, bones, liver, kidney, pleura, brain and other organs. Tumors of moderate malignancy may be limited metastases in lymph nodes in the neck.

    Forecast of thyroid cancer

    Overall prognosis depends on the stage of the process,at which treatment is started, and on the histological forms of cancer. Death of thyroid cancer rarely occurs. Only in anaplastic cancers and sarcomas Thyroid prediction adversely. When tumors of moderate persistent malignancy cure achieved in 70-80% of patients.

    Prevention of thyroid cancer

    Avoid iodine deficiency (recommended intake of iodized salt, sea kale), avoid frequent X-ray irradiation of the head and neck.

    The basis of prevention - The timely treatment of diseases of the thyroidgland, timely and systematic flow of routine inspections, especially if you are at risk troupe (suffering from other diseases of the thyroid gland, took place in the last part of the irradiation areas of the head and neck for other diseases, reside on a high-risk areas).

    After detection of thyroid cancer treatment program is discussed. This takes into account both the type of tumor, and the stage and overall condition of the patient.

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