BPH - Treatment and Prevention


  • Causes of BPH
  • What happens in the prostate for prostate adenoma?
  • Possible complications of prostate adenoma
  • BPH Treatment
  • Prevention of prostate adenoma

  • Causes of BPH

    • A sedentary lifestyle, for example, menengaged in mental work are most at risk of the disease BPH. In such cases, they just need to engage in active exercise.
    • It is believed that prostatic adenomaIt is one of the manifestations of male menopause and develops a change in hormonal levels. Thus, the risk of prostate adenoma sick every middle-aged man.

    What happens in the prostate for prostate adenoma?

    The prostate gland (prostate) - a maleinternal organ in the normal size of a walnut. The prostate is located below the bladder and surrounds on all sides the urethra. With the development of adenoma in the prostate formed a small nodule (or nodules), which grows and gradually compresses the urethra. BPH
    is a benign growth does not give metastases and grows in
    adjacent organs that distinguishes it from prostate cancer.

    By the manifestation of
    prostate adenoma associated with an enlarged prostate and a violation of the outflow of urine, are the following:

    • BPH - Treatment and PreventionWeak urine stream
    • Intermittent urine at end of urination
    • Increased urination time
    • The need to strain your abdominal muscles for a complete emptying of the bladder
    • Frequent urge to urinate
    • The inability to hold urine for a long time when a Urge
    • The need to urinate at night

    Over time, if left untreated, these patients begin
    kidney damage, kidney failure develops, which manifests
    headache, thirst, dry mouth, weakness, irritability.
    The bladder is always full of urine, the urine when urinating
    It stands trickle or dropwise. Simultaneously
    incontinence phenomena appear, i.e. urine is released dropwise
    constantly and against the wishes of the patient, first night, and then round

    Possible complications of prostate adenoma

    • With the development of BPH after
      urinary bladder can not be emptied completely.
      Regular urinary retention, in turn, can contribute
      occurrence of kidney stones, and urinary tract infection development.
    • Prolonged urinary retention may cause the appearance of blood in the urine and renal impairment.
    • AT
      severe cases may develop acute urinary retention -
      urethra clamped completely and do not miss
      urine. This gives rise to severe pain in the abdomen, not urinating
      perhaps. Complete urinary retention is possible at any stage
      disease, even at the earliest. It can provoke
      hypothermia, errors in diet or alcohol intake, prolonged
      neoporozhnenie bladder. In this case, the required extra

    BPH Treatment

    Today there are many treatments for BPH. They are diverse and highly effective.

    These methods can be divided into three groups:

    • medication
    • Surgery
    • Non-operational

    When the first symptoms of BPH applies
    in the form of medication drugs. today
    day at the pharmacy there is a very large variety of drugs,
    for the treatment of BPH, and the list keeps growing. All drugs can be divided into two types:

    The formulations of the first type relax muscle fibers arranged in a
    the prostate. Because of this pressure on the urethra weakens
    and urine flow through the urethra easier.

    second type drugs reduce prostate volume, that
    also eases the pressure on the channel. It should be remembered that taking
    any drugs should only after consulting

    In severe cases, a medical treatment can be
    not enough in this case, the doctors usually resorted to
    surgery. Thus there are two types of operations:
    open access through the wall of the bladder, and operation - without
    incision, through the urethra - using modern
    video endoscope equipment: TOUR BPH. Open surgery applied in advanced cases, they are more traumatic, but provide a complete cure of the disease.

    Prevention of prostate adenoma

    Unfortunately, a truly effective methods of prevention of prostate adenoma
    does not exist. Older men need to eat right (most importantly
    - Eliminate spicy seasonings, spices, canned and smoked)
    give up bad habits (especially from the use of alcohol
    drinks), try to keep the water-drinking regime (excess
    fluid flow in the body is not recommended).

    In conclusion I would like to note that such a disease like prostate adenoma
    at early stages of development may not always be accompanied by
    the above symptoms. Sometimes this disease is
    bezsimptomno. Therefore, older men should be periodically
    undergo examination by a doctor - urologist, so as not to miss the start of
    prevent disease and to develop prostate cancer.

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