Women's condoms

Many of them heard of them, some only guess their existence and few people tried to use. Why buy something unknown and new, if there is a traditional male condom, which is not going to give up his position in the market of contraceptives. Today, our website offers to talk about women's condoms, their effectiveness and, of course, about the instructions for use.

Appearance and dignity

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Externally, the female condom is something like the usual male. This is a cylindrical tube made of elastic material (most often it is polyurethane), it can be up to 18 centimeters. With both edges on a condom there are flexible, dense rings, which contribute to the consuming condom to the vagina and cover the neck of the uterus, preventing unplanned pregnancy. It is safe to say that the female condom was created specifically for women and is the only contraceptive that completely protects the woman from the penetration of viruses and infections.

The advantages of the female condom really much, perhaps if they were more publicly published, it would have long been a leading position in the condom market. Let's try to deal with each of the advantages:

  1. Latex Formula. More and more women complain about allergies to Latex, which is contained in male condoms. Female are made completely from the other, less allergenic material, which can not be called a huge advantage.
  2. Reliability - in no case cannot be bypassed by this item. The fact is that women's condoms are actually 100% guarantee protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Almost completely disappears the possibility of entering a male seed into the vagina, as it often happens when a traditional condom is used (if his sudden break).
  3. When using them does not decrease sensitivity. Condoms created for women, very thin and their presence during sexual intercourse remains almost imperceptible for both men and women.
  4. Unlike condoms created for men who need to wear at the time of the erection, that is, during the sexual intercourse, it is not always appropriate, female is put on ahead, you can put it, going on a date. The time in which it can be used - up to 8 hours. In the same way, it is possible to extract it after a while after the accomplished act, and not immediately after - you will have time to soak in bed with your loved one.
  5. Protection against infections and sexually transmitted viruses using female condoms higher at times, and for both partners. This is due to the fact that it protects not only internal, but also external genital organs from infection.
  6. You can not challenge the fact that using the Ladies' Condom, the woman herself thinks about his defense and health, and not relies on this man.
  7. The female condom is indispensable if the erection disappears when equipped with male.
  8. It is also noted that a female condom can be used not only by a vaginal way, but also anal, which significantly expands the range of its application.

Instructions for the use of a female condom

types of contraception, gynecology, female condom, contraception, condoms, sex

Immediately it is worth noting that the proper fixation of the condom in the vagina requires some skill. However, do not forget that men also have to learn in order to learn how to quickly and quickly wear a condom.

Let's start with a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Run the packaging (the scissors are better not to use to not damage the product itself) and remove the condom. Its material is quite thin and it can be easily damaged by a nail or ring on the finger - watch this. Now repent the condom - it is folded in the package in such a way that it is done very simple.
  2. Now take for the inner, closed ring (it will cover the neck of the uterus) and tightly clamp it between big and index fingers.
  3. Choose the most convenient to enter a condom Posa: lying, squatting or lifting one leg on the chair.
  4. Taking any of the listed poses, insert an inner ring into the vagina, clamping it between your fingers. Enter so deep as possible.
  5. Indicor finger, inserting it inside, promote as you fine in the vagina. At the same time, make sure that the product is not twisted, and also that the external edge of the condom remains with the outside of the vagina.

That's all that the condom is ready to use, and it may be before sexual intercourse, as already mentioned, as well as eight hours. However, do not forget about some features of the use of a female condom:

  1. Immediately before entering a partner, check the correct location of the condom.
  2. The first use of the condom can be somewhat disappointed. The fact is that you need to be ready for the fact that a man will get more pleasure than you, however, after several times to use, acquiring a little more practice, you will get much more sensations.
  3. Opening the packaging, you can feel a rather sharp chemical smell: this is polyurethane, be sure it will quickly disappear.
  4. It is the opinion that if the muscles of the vagina stretched (as after childbirth), the use of a condom is difficult. Studies of the creators do not confirm this fact.
  5. In no case cannot be used by a male condom, if a female is already comes - this can lead to the damage of both kondes.

Disadvantages of the use of female condoms

types of contraception, gynecology, female condom, contraception, condoms, sex

The use of a female condom is pretty new, therefore it is necessary to be ready for everything. We bring to your attention some shortcomings of using this means of protection:

  1. Some women note that they are confused by the external visibility of the product. Of course, it is better to forget about this fact, because safety and health primarily.
  2. To one of the explicit deficiencies should be attributed quite high cost of this product. And at the same time it can be found and buy far from every pharmacy and even more so in the store, as it happens with male condoms.
  3. You should also be careful with lubricants, especially with petroleum. It is he who can damage the structure of a condom and lead to the fact that he will simply break. Better to give preference to a condom with additional lubricant.
  4. Female condom - one-time application, given its cost, can be attributed to disadvantages.

Based on all the above, the readers our site can conclude that the purchase of the Ladies' condom for a woman is the perfect choice if you strive to deliver the sensation palette to your man, while taking care of your health. After all, as they say in the notive advertising, you are worthy!

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