Meals during chemotherapy


  • Features of the diet during chemotherapy
  • Drinking alcohol during chemotherapy
  • The value of food and vitamin supplements for cancer

  • Features of the diet during chemotherapy

    Meals during chemotherapyDuring chemotherapy has importantgood nutrition. Meals should be balanced and ensure intake of optimal proportions of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is this power allows the body to successfully resist infections, accelerates recovery of normal tissues, cells that are damaged as a result of side effects of chemotherapy. Meals should be enough calorie to prevent weight loss during the treatment period. During this period, the food should be varied and include dairy products, meat, fish, a variety of cereals, breads, fruits and vegetables. In addition, some patients are encouraged to drink plenty of liquids to prevent or reduce the side effects of anticancer drugs on the bladder and kidneys.

    Patients tend to be well aware that induring chemotherapy must be fully fed. However, this power is not always possible, as a result of side effects of anticancer drugs, appetite during treatment is considerably reduced or completely absent. Often barrier to nutrition such displays are undesirable side effects of treatment, such as nausea and damage to the oral mucosa. In many patients, appetite disorder can be associated with a bad mood.

    In the event that there is no or reduced appetite, the patient can use the following guidelines:

    • there is little, when you want it, in the period of chemotherapy should not adhere to the principle of regular three meals a day
    • often make changes to the usual diet, include new dishes in it
    • change the familiar surroundings meals, such as lunch in another room or another light
    • walk before a meal, as after a walk, you may receive the sensation of hunger
    • combine food with socializing with friends or relatives, if while eating a person is alone, it is worth to escape, listen to the radio or watch TV

    Drinking alcohol during chemotherapy

    appetite improvement can contribute a smallthe amount of light wine. However, be aware that the interaction of alcohol with anticancer drugs can reduce their effectiveness and increase side effects. For this reason, during the period of chemotherapy, most patients need to virtually eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages. If you want to increase the appetite to drink a little wine or beer, you should pre-consult with the doctor.

    The value of food and vitamin supplements for cancer

    It is known that no diet unableprevent the occurrence of tumors. With regard to the currently fashionable supplements which contain certain biologically active substances, trace elements and vitamins, the use of such additives are in no way can not replace traditional methods of treating tumors.

    Traditional treatment of tumors conductedqualified oncologists in specialized hospitals. The effectiveness of various methods such treatment repeatedly tested in clinical trials conducted in accordance with international standards and regulations. Meanwhile, the efficiency of audio food additive such test conditions to be determined. Therefore, during chemotherapy, do not use any supplements without first talking to your doctor.

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