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  • Bronchial asthma
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  • Bronchial asthma

    Currently, from 4 to 8% of the population of industrialized countries suffers from bronchial asthma of varying degrees of severity. The increase in morbidity is associated not only with environmental pollution, but also in a low-effective way of life.

    Aster - life without asthmaIn Russia, according to various data, the prevalence of the adult population ranges from 3 to 7%, and among children this indicator is about 10%. The disease may occur at any age; Approximately half of the patients with bronchial asthma develops up to 10 years, still in a third - up to 40 years.

    Among the factors of the development of bronchial asthma, many reasons are: hereditary predisposition, increased irritability of bronchi; Various external allergens, such as home dust, animal and insect allergens, pollen; Food products, drugs, various chemicals and aerosols, respiratory infections, bad habits, physical and emotional load.

    Arriving in childhood, the disease passes through the whole life, worsening its quality, and often leads another young man to early disabilities. For a patient with bronchial asthma, a whistling breath is characterized, occasionally even audible at a distance; unproductive cough; constant shortness of breath during exercise; Night strokes caused by the difficulty of entering light air.

    Currently, two types of drugs are used for drug treatment of bronchial asthma: drugs for emergency assistance that act quickly, binding the symptoms that have arisen or the attack, and preventive preparations of long-term action that prevent the development of the disease and thus help control the state.

    Unfortunately, as a long-term practice has shown, bronchial asthma is treated, the drug therapy is often ineffective or ineffective. The effect of drugs for the treatment of asthma is not aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease, but on the removal of attacks and their prevention. That is why so much attention is paid to doctors to prevent attacks, and first of all with non-drugs.

    Apparatus «Aster»

    Innovation among irritable means for the treatment of bronchial asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases was the appearance of the device «Aster». «Aster» - This is a unique non-drug preparation created for individual use. The uniqueness of the apparatus is that he treats the bronchial asthma, and not its manifestations. «Aster» Developed in Russia, completed full certification and meets the most stringent international safety standards, which allows it to be used for both adults and children from 1 year.

    Apparatus «Aster» Designed specifically for use at home - it is light, compact, easy to operate, which allows them to use them even children without assistance.

    Basic indications for the use of the device «Aster» are:

    • diagnosis of bronchial asthma of all degrees of gravity;
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
    • Depending bronchitis and laryngitis
    • Residual phenomenon phenomenon

    Apparatus «Aster» Designed to optimize the function of the respiratory system in its violation due to allergic reactions of the organism and transferred infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.

    Application aster helps:

    • Relief breathing, improving wet wet when coughing;
    • Reducing the number of day and night attacks of suffocation;
    • Reduction in medicinal load;
    • Reduce the terms of treatment of exacerbations and reducing the risk of subsequent exacerbations;
    • On the occurrence of remission and improving the quality of life;

    Despite the fact that the device «Aster» Created for home use, it is widely used in specialized clinics. Studies have shown that for the clinics, the use of the apparatus reduces the finding of patients in the hospital by 40% and reduces the costs of treating respiratory diseases by an average of 30%.

    The duration of the medical course by the device «Aster» determined by the initial and current state of the patient. With many years of illness of the disease (more than 5 years), the minimum duration of one course is 2.5 - 3 months. In cases of a long history of the disease and use by patients with hormonal drugs, after 5-7 days of daily use of the device «Aster», It is recommended, focusing on the patient's condition, gradually reduce the doses of the methods of hormonal drugs, up to their complete cancellation.

    Aster - life without asthmaThe average duration of the session is 7-12 minutes. Conduct regular healing sessions in the morning and evening from 7 to 10 hours.

    The time interval between the two sessions should be at least 10 hours, since the use of the apparatus using a smaller period of time will be less effective. Thus, no more than two sessions are recommended during the day.

    As a prophylactic measure, even with a decrease or absence of symptoms of bronchial asthma, it is recommended to use the product «Aster» and in the period between the attacks. In such cases, it is recommended to conduct sessions with a duration of 8-10 minutes in the morning or evening once after 1-2 days for 2.5 - 3 weeks preceding the seasonal exacerbation of the disease.

    Therapeutic effect of the device «Aster» It is achieved due to the impact of the super-brass flow of electromagnetic radiation of non-coordinated intensity to the area «Light triangle» Bodies of man. Electromagnetic radiation parameters comply with the most stringent safety standards.

    The results of clinical studies have shown that in children's practice the use of the device «Aster» made it possible to significantly reduce the amount of drug therapy for diseases of the respiratory organs and prevent the development of undesirable side effects from medicines. In the complex therapy of respiratory authorities «Aster» Reduces the level of early child disability, reduces child mortality in respiratory pathology.

    In comprehensive schemes for the treatment of respiratory organs in adults in medical and preventive institutions through the use of the device «Aster» The timing of the treatment of these diseases is significantly reduced, efficiency increases.

    According to patient reviews, the use of the device «Aster» Promotes the disappearance of complications of bronchial asthma in the spring-autumn period. Most patients noted that the attacks of night-suffocked, a normal sleep was returned, the reception of medicinal and hormonal drugs was reduced, or a full refusal to them occurred. Application application «Aster» allowed the pain of bronchial asthma to return to a full and active life.

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