Chronic bronchitis - treatment, as it should be


Despite the general fight against smoking and pollution
air, contrary to the invention and widespread use of powerful antibiotics,
the problem of treatment of chronic bronchitis is still relevant. One reason
experts of the situation consider the attempts of patients independently
cope with the disease and delays in seeking medical care when chronic
bronchitis is not already in the first stage.

a chronic bronchitis and that has to be treated specifically?

Chronic bronchitis - treatment, as it should be
Chronic bronchitis - a progressive disease
characterized by lesions of the bronchi and occurs due to their long-term
irritation various harmful agents contained in the inhaled air. AT
tobacco smoke often act as harmful agents, dust emission
industrial plants and vehicles, as well as pathogens.
A role played by climatic factors in a position to colds and
facilitate the introduction of the infection in the lining of the bronchi. Moreover, it infection
in particular viruses causing SARS and influenza, as well as mycoplasma are considered
the main culprits exacerbations and disease progression.

Logically, the treatment of chronic bronchitis primarily
It involves the elimination of factors that act as irritants
respiratory tract: smoking, living in areas with normal
environment and clean air, or at least leaving the "clean" zone
critical moments of the disease. Protection against infection in the quiet period of the disease
is impossible without strengthening the immune system, vaccination against the most common
causative agents of respiratory diseases, without preventive
antibiotic therapy in the autumn-winter-spring season, when there are the most
frequent exacerbations of chronic bronchitis.

therapy - the fight against germs

Treatment of chronic bronchitis in acute first
all aimed at fighting infection, which is raging in the airways,
leads to inflammation, increased bronchial mucus production, compaction, and
narrowing of the bronchial walls. In addition to antibiotics, doctors prescribe sulfa
agents, and antifungal agents to prevent adherence
activation and fungal flora.

After an active approach to infection crowned
success when normal body temperature, clean the bronchi and sputum from
purulent turn into mucous, antibiotics supersede their volatile production
inhaled the juice of garlic and onions.

win cough and clear the bronchi

Chronic bronchitis - treatment, as it should be
Cough - the most constant and painful symptom
chronic bronchitis. At the beginning of the disease it may be substantially dry or
accompanied by the release of a small amount of sputum. Thick, viscous
bronchial mucus difficult to cough, causes coughing and even
hemoptysis. To facilitate the discharge of phlegm and accelerate the clearance of the bronchi
viscous secretion, mucolytic used in chronic bronchitis
drugs. Some of them are taken orally, in the form of soluble tablets,
powders, decoctions, infusions and tinctures of medicinal plants, others -
an aerosol during inhalation.

To help get rid of mucus bronchi, the patient
twice daily thirty-minute shows postural drainage - special
complex, involving change of position of the body in conjunction with an active breathing,
ending breathing exercises.

bronchial tree

If using
drug therapy fails to stop exacerbation of chronic bronchitis,
doctors recommend a reorganization of the bronchial tree. The procedure is carried out with the help of
special endoscopic equipment - bronchofiberscope,
intended for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the respiratory
ways. A bronchoscope is introduced into the patient's airways, and bronchi after inspection
inside their walls irrigated mucolytic, enzyme preparations, thinning
phlegm, and antibiotics, that act directly on the mucous

In patients with severe
purulent forms of chronic bronchitis, the bronchial tree sanitation repeat
every 3-7 days, usually an inflammation fails to stop for 3-4 treatments.

If there is

In marked edema and
bronchi changes caused by their inflammation, as well as small lesions
bronchi (bronchioles) appears dyspnea. It is an indication for the use of
desensitizing and antihistamines, relieves allergic
component of the disease, and medications, removing bronchospasm, ie
bronchodilator drugs. In severe cases, when bronchitis threatens to escalate
in asthma, corticosteroids are used.

speed recovery ....

Chronical bronchitis
accompanied by severe sweating at night and during exercise.
Wet the skin by evaporation of sweat cools, causing a feeling of chilliness. AT
such cases, doctors do not recommend to wrap up in warm clothes, it makes
the body sweat more, predisposes to colds and deterioration.
Clothing should be breathing freely transmitting a pair of sweat outwards and
at the same time protect them from the cold.

Victory over bronchitis
is impossible without physical therapy and vitamin therapy, shows the intake of vitamins A, C,
Group B. To activate the immune defense needed biostimulants, drugs
Aloe Vera, Echinacea, sea buckthorn oil and physiotherapy.

During the recovery period
It recommends a spa treatment in the conditions of southern and after illness
local resorts. Patients who live and work in adverse conditions,
you need to think about changing the work and place of residence.

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