Children's myopia


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  • Says academician ramp, head of Moscow
    Clinical Association of Centers for Protection of Children and Teenagers Clear Gesture Igor Erikovich Aznauryan.

    Question number 1. At what age, the children appear in myopia? What are the causes of its progression?

    Today, the peak of the disease in myopia accounted for 9 years. Group
    risk includes children who have at least one of the parents
    myopia. Our observations show that inheritance
    a sign of myopia in a child she appears much earlier and
    progresses much faster than parents.

    But the most
    common form of myopia –
    Acquired. It is formed at the age of 7–12 years old. Connected with
    lengthening the eyeball. After all, our eyes are adapted to work on
    medium and distant distances. And when working near it starts
    overload and becomes longer than he should be. As a result
    Such an elongation is defocused view.

    It's like moving away from the screen the projector configured to
    Certain distance. In this case, the image will become all
    Less than clear. The same mechanism for reducing vision in myopia. At
    This is a stretch of intraocular structures, especially
    retina, which leads to a sharp, sometimes irreversible, decrease
    vision and destructive changes in the eye day.

    Question # 2. What is the treatment of children's myopia today?

    Children's myopiaVery often, children with progressive myopia prescribe eye
    drops that expand pupil. The mechanism of their action lies in
    relaxation of eye muscles, since in myopia often develops
    their spasm. However, to restore the functions of the eye muscles, it is not necessary
    turning off them from work, but, on the contrary, adaptation to various visual
    modes. Drops of such an effect can not be given. In addition, in some cases
    After the abolition of eye drops, myopia begins to progress yet

    I believe that this problem requires comprehensive treatment,
    which from time to time you need to repeat. It must be
    aimed at slowing the growth rate and stabilization of myopia on
    Perhaps earlier stages.

    Before assigning treatment, we define the stage of myopia and
    The speed of its progression. Only after that it is selected
    Individual complex of necessary procedures designed for
    concrete child. In the process of treatment, we use various hardware,
    Physiotherapeutic and Medication Methods.

    In the early stages of reduction of vision, certain procedures are carried out,
    which help to remove excessive eye tension. After all, further
    It can lead to the progression of myopia. Also very helpful
    Procedures that improve blood circulation in eye tissues. Usually,
    The result of such treatment in terms of stabilization of myopia
    Rate through 4–6 months.
    To keep myopia under control, it is necessary to carry out this
    Treatment 2–4 times a year. In addition to special medical procedures, very
    Locating regime is important. This is an exercise of physical education, walks on
    Fresh air, as well as taking vitamins, calcium and phosphorus drugs.

    Question number 3. Is it true that if glasses were put on the child, he would never take them again?

    This is one of numerous delusions. With weak myopia, up to 3
    Diopters, we recommend so-called comfortable glasses. Such glasses are ne
    Be sure to wear all the time. They are needed to see well

    In addition to comfortable, there are healing glasses. They are helping
    Remove excessive eye voltage. If the child is in everyday life
    costs without glasses, then you don't need to force them.

    Points for constant wearing are prescribed or with a high degree
    myopia either with a sharp decrease in visual acuity. And that
    desire, with the help of excimer laser technologies, you can get rid of
    glasses once and forever.

    Question number 4. Does this mean that myopia can be cured using the operation?

    With the help of those techniques that we use, we manage to stop
    Myopia in 75–80% of cases without surgery.

    Operation – This is just an additional measure of complex treatment.
    By itself, she does not stop myopia. And although this operation
    refers to one of the easiest in ophthalmology, to make it extra
    Once not recommended.

    Contrary to the undergoing stereotype, the operation is not an alternative
    conservative treatment and should be carried out on medical reasons.
    That is, with a rapid growth of myopia – more than one diopter per year.

    In addition to stabilizing myopia operations, also held
    Corrigative operations. They have exclusively
    Aesthetic aspect. He is associated with the reluctance of the patient wearing glasses. So
    like myopia – disease is unnecessary long eye, the laser customizes
    Focus under his new length. He cuts the lens in the eye like that,
    which the patient is wearing glasses. At the same time, myopia itself remains
    Former. To avoid postoperative complications, this procedure
    It is necessary to conduct only after 2–3 years after stabilization

    Question number 5. How do you feel about contact correction in children?

    Personally, I would not recommend correlate myopia with
    Contact lenses. Since in the process of forming a visual system
    apply fixed treatment methods undesirable. After all, prescribing
    Fixed optical force of lenses, you can provoke
    Progression of myopia. In this case, it is preferable to glasses:
    Medical or comfortable.

    When a child in glasses, we can
    Track the growth of myopia. Sometimes you have to assign several steam
    Points. We have no such opportunity with lenses. Purpose contact
    Lenz – it's rather forced measure.

    We resort to such a correction only when a child for some
    reasons do not tolerate glasses, or in cases where the child has been revealed
    very big difference between eyes.

    Question number 6. Polydiaphragnal glasses are now widely advertised. As far as they are effective?

    Manufacturers argue that when they are regularly used
    achieve rapid eye cure from any disease. In fact, in
    These glasses use the usual optical effect. Occurs
    Increase the depth of optical focus due to the passage of light rays
    through a narrow hole. The same effect is achieved when squinting.
    Therefore, these glasses do not possess any medicinal action. And although harm
    they also do not bring, patients only lose precious time.

    Question number 7. Can parents independently recognize and prevent the child's vision?

    To the greatest regret, in children under 7 years old initial myopia
    unarmed eye recognize almost impossible. But if
    Vision drops by 70–80%, it is already becoming obvious. Child often
    stupid, badly descends down the steps, starts squinting.

    Parents need to be aware that the children are not
    notice to reduce vision, especially if it happens
    gradually. Therefore, even in the absence of a child complaints
    Show the children's ophthalmologist at least once a year. This will allow
    in time to identify eye disease from your baby and develop
    Individual tactics of dispensary and treatment.

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