Endometriosis leads to infertility


  • What is endometriosis?
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    Endometriosis leads to infertility

    What is endometriosis?

  • Endometriosis is a fairly common female disease. In this disease in the ovaries, the uterus or other organs appear foci similar to the endometrium (endometrium – This is the inner layer of the uterus, which is twisted during menstruation).

    Endometrioid growths have the ability to penetrate into the surrounding tissues and the formation of extensive adhesions (spikes - this is a connection of organs with adhesive ligaments). If endometriosis affects ovaries, cysts are often formed in them – cavities filled with liquid content. The existence of such a cyst, naturally disrupts the work of the ovary: the threat of infertility arises.

    Currently, the causes of endometriosis consider genetic predisposition and hormonal disorders. Negative shifts in the neuroendocrine system are important due to stress, incorrect nutrition, total somatic diseases, violations of the functions of the internal secretion glands, infection of genital organs.

    As a rule, endometriosis has the form of individual or merging with other tissues of small foci of a rounded, oval and irregular form, the cavities of which contain a dark thick or transparent liquid. Endometrium formations may consist of a plurality of small cyst or merge into one cyst.


    For this disease, pain in the lower stomach departments. Especially abruptly they are expressed in menstruation days. Some women in front of critical days the body temperature rises to 37.0 - 37.5 degrees. Pains may be such a force that doctors will rather think about appendicitis or ectopic pregnancy. In the germination of endometriosis into the straight intestine, pain occurs during defecation, and if the endometriosis penetrates the bladder – When urine.

    But there are also the so-called small forms of endometriosis, when his hotels do not allow themselves to know about themselves, making it any less, leading to the formation of adhesions, irresistible surface pipes and ultimately – To infertility. Patients are distinguished by irritability, unbalanced, weakness. Women often complain about dizziness and headache, unpleasant painful sensations during sexual intercourse. Other genital diseases are accompanied by endometriosis: Mioma, inflammation, anemia.

    Half of women suffering from endometriosis, suffer infertility. It should be remembered that with any intrauterine interventions, first of all with surgical abortions, the risk of endometriosis increases.

    An experienced gynecologist with any suspicion of endometriosis should send a woman to ultrasound. It allows you to identify the foci of endometriosis in the uterus, ovaries. Hysteroscopy helps to clarify the diagnosis – Inspection of the uterine cavity from the inside with a special device.

    Medical and surgical methods are applied to the treatment of endometriosis. Hormonal drugs are used for medication treatment. Treatment courses, as a rule, are long and ineffective, and relapses of the disease frequent. In some cases, surgical treatment of endometriosis. Endometrioid ovarian cysts are subject to surgical removal. Currently, the standard method of surgical treatment of endometriosis is laparoscopy.

    Why should I treat the erosion of the cervix?

    Regular appeal to the gynecologist is not a luxury, but the urgent need. Some female diseases occur imperceptibly: without pain, unpleasant discharge and disorders of the menstrual cycle, only a specialist can identify them. These hidden diseases include erosion of cervix. Actually erosion – not one disease, but a whole group. To date, anyEndometriosis leads to infertilityE damage to the surface of the cervix Gynecologists call erosion.

    In erosion, the structure of the outer layer of the mucous membrane, covering the cervix. This wound does not want to heal, alien cells grow in it. Long existing erosion with time can turn into a dangerous disease, for example, cancer.

    The reasons for the appearance of erosion can be several: mechanical injuries as a result of childbirth, abortion and sophisticated sex, sex infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and t.NS.), hormonal failures.

    Cytological research and biopsy in erosion makes mandatory. For the first – scraping cells from a dubious section of the cervix with a spatula, for the second – pinch a piece of suspicious fabric. The assembled material is studied under the microscope. Biopsy – the most accurate method allowing to reveal cancer. But it is carried out only if there is no infection in the cervical uterus.

    After erosion is detected, it is necessary to get rid of it. Treatment is recommended to be comprehensively, taking into account the cause of erosion. First you need to eliminate the inflammatory process. When the infection is detected, it is destroyed by antibiotics. After that the modified sections of the cervix remove.

    There are several methods for this. If erosion is small, gynecologists prescribe various healing agents. With their ineffectiveness, erosion is burned. This procedure is painless and fairly effective. Unborn women doctors advise a more optimal treatment option – Cutting laser. After this procedure, the neck quickly heals, does not change its internal structure.

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