Allergy: Scolstered their sorrow


  • Three ways and one more
  • Needle happiness
  • Hedgehog will not

  • Externally pollinosis is similar to the usual cold. Only here is no medicine
    do not help. Because they cause this allergic reaction are not viruses, but
    Pollen Flowering Trees - Oshnik, Birch, Alder... The immune system
    Allergy for some reason perceives Allergy: Scolstered their sorrowprotein pollen plants as enemy
    agents and starts fighting with them.

    Three ways and one more

    Remove the edema of mucous help helps antihistamines.
    But they help for a week or two, and then, on the contrary, can cause
    deterioration. In addition, they do not treat the disease - at the next meeting with
    Pollen immune system will react the same.

    There is another way to get rid of half aulinosis - to leave for the time of flowering to another climatic zone.
    But it is again not a treatment, but only a warning of the disease. Yes I
    Few who have the opportunity to leave for 2-3 weeks every year.

    Teach the immune system to distinguish «Self» and «strangers» Doctors are trying to allergycation.
    The sufferer is introduced small doses of allergens that cause him
    the strongest reaction, and try to teach them
    organism. The method gives good results, but making courses such
    It is necessary in the fall and in winter, to the flowering period.

    And what if you encountered Polyniasis for the first time? Acupuncture
    relatively simple and safe method that will help to cope with
    exacerbation, and maybe forever committed with an allergic runny nose.

    Needle happiness

    The basis of acupuncture is the reflex mechanism. Needles annoy
    biologically active points – and in the internal organs associated with
    they occur reactions, normalizing their work.

    Puting a needle to certain points, you can remove the edema of the mucous membrane
    And eye inflammation. Moreover, irritation of nervous receptors will cause
    impulses that are reached by the nerve fibers reached the spinal and head
    brain that in general will improve the state of allergy. Let's come to equilibrium
    Sympathetic and parasympathetic system (what in Chinese medicine
    called «Jan» and «Yin»), the work of the immune system will work. therefore
    acupuncture can not only withdraw the attack of half aoline, but also prevents
    body incorrectly react to environmental factors.

    And the injections make the body produce endorphins - hormones of joy, so the person during sessions does not feel pain.

    Hedgehog will not

    The procedure looks like that. The doctor enters the right points around the nose, on
    Hands and legs Thin (disposable!) Igoleki. In the case of pollinosis of them
    there will be no more than 10. Stories that patients lie on the couch
    Reflexotherapists, covered with needles as hedgehogs - from the field of myths. So
    will have to lie 20-30 minutes. Pains will not feel traces not
    will remain.

    Course treatment - 10 sessions. Better to do them every day, in the extreme
    case - every other day. The effect of one session lasts a day, but in
    Complex 10 sessions give such an improvement in health that some
    Patients then do not drain on a repeated fixing course.

    Keep in mind: in the early stages half ancondition, acupuncture allows you to fully cure it.

    Reflexotherapists in large cities are now in almost every ordinary polyclinic, and even in commercial centers - especially.

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