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  • Types of animal pulp
  • Cubistrate. The most devoted friend
  • Hippotherapy. For health in the saddle
  • Dolphinotherapy. Populate?
  • Felinotherapy. Purve me!
  • Apitherapy and hirudotherapy. Not mentally but effective

  • Animal Treatment & Ndash; Animal treatmentHugging dogs, stroking cats, swim with dolphins, ride a horse and recover? Not too much like the truth. However, animal pulp (it is a pet-therapy) — One of the methods of treating a large list of diseases. And this is not a magical homeopathy, which cures, only if you believe in it. Treatment with animals Approved by official medicine, and in Europe, the USA and Canada is actively used already more than half a century.

    The most intriguing that in the treatment is used not only by animals to persistent, but also their images, symbols, images, fairy tales with their participation and sounds of their votes.

    Types of animal pulp

    If you have domestic pets, if you are in the evenings to iron a cat Musya or in any weather, go out to walk the taku gabby, you are treated — These are non-directional animal trapia. You get a huge charge of positive, soothing your nerves and feel your importance for another living being.

    If you need a serious therapeutic program, it is possible that one of the components of the treatment will be chatting with animals — This is the so-called directional animalcond. Depending on the type of animal, directional animal pulp is divided into subspecies.

    Cubistrate. The most devoted friend

    Even if you do not have a dog that will save you from hypodynamies and the following problems with your heart and vessels, which will not allow you to fall into loneliness, which helps you to cope with intrameal conflicts, and whose saliva has an antibacterial action, do not worry. You can always refer to specialists in the canister panels that will treat you with the help of cheerful and affectionate PSA with a very calm character (only such dogs are allowed to patients).

    What is valuable dogs?

    • Their smell reveals malignant tumors to official diagnosis.
    • Dogs are able to report an epileptic seizure 20 minutes before his offensive.
    • DESS help children with autism, Down syndrome, centers and oligofrenia to become more sociable, develop mental and emotional abilities and memory.
    • Dogs help learn to tell people with hearing impairment and speech.
    • Dogs can be official staff of various clinics, helping the rehabilitation of patients with impaired psyche and preparing people to operations.

    Hippotherapy. For health in the saddle

    Horse riding has been used for over 60 years to treat arthritis, with various injuries, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, sclerosis, polio, gastrointestinal diseases, prostatitis. and mental retardation.

    The hippotherapy makes it work almost all the muscles of the body and thereby, like any sport, launches the self-healing of the body. Also communication with a horse — The process is very positive. Who will dive into depression when warm horsepower lips are drawn behind the new apple?

    Dolphinotherapy. Populate?

    Swimming with dolphins prescribe people who received complex and extremely severe psychological injuries, be it an earthquake, an accident or violence. For children with cerebral palsy, autism and other serious violations, communication with dolphins becomes a powerful impetus for very bright changes in the perception of peace and behavior. True, patients of oncologists, patients with epilepsy and people suffering from acute infectious diseases, Dolphinotherapy is contraindicated.

    Felinotherapy. Purve me!

    Remember the Hypertension Council: «Take a cat!» Cats — Creatures unique. They know exactly where you hurt you, and they come to warm this place with their hot belly. Cat can predict heart attacks and strokes. In the usual life tailed woolen purr — Excellent interlocutors who will never take you, and the slightest manifestation of attention will be consistent with grateful flipping and safe release of claws — from pleasure.

    The frequency of sound vibrations of cat purr helps faster healing wounds, split the bones and increase immunity.Cats are not annoying even the most nervous patients of a psychiatric clinic. Re-read the killeting, which very clearly spoke about the amazing cat properties.

    Apitherapy and hirudotherapy. Not mentally but effective

    Bees and leeches will not bring you out of depression and will not help develop attention and strengthen memory. But the bee poison treats multiple sclerosis and varicose veins. And leeches are used almost in all areas of medicine, even for the treatment of cellulite!

    If you have not yet brought the animal at home, then in care of your health is the time to do it. Or, at worst, rack home photos cats. They say they also have a certain therapeutic effect — Lift mood.

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