Skin Horn, Keratoma, Xantelsm



    Skin Horn, Keratoma, XantelsmXantelsman – (flat xanthoman) – Slowly growing benign education in the form of yellow flat, slightly elevated, clearly delimited plaques with a smooth or several wrinkled surface, usually symmetrically located on the skin in the inner angle of the upper eyelids, as well as on the ears and on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

    Revealed mainly in women of middle and elderly suffering from impaired lipid metabolism or liver diseases at a normal level of lipids. The dimensions of such xantht range from several millimeters to 5 cm and more.

    For the treatment of xantellasm, surgical excision is commonly used, electrocoagulation, migration of trichloride acetic acid. However, the most effective method for removing xantellasm, in which the neoplasia is guaranteed to be removed from the first time, is the method of laser therapy.

    Skin Rog

    Skin Horn, Keratoma, XantelsmSkin Rog – This is a benign skin epithelial formation. It is a limited arrangement of the horny masses (the lunch cells of the covering orphanage, the surface layer of the skin), externally resembling animal horns, more often conical shape, dark or yellowish brown, dense consistency. The nevertal surface is smooth or covered with multiple furrows. The formed tumor may have dimensions of several centimeters. Observed predominantly in the elderly.

    Skin Horn can be primary (that is, it develops without visible reasons) and secondary, arising against the background of chronic inflammation, papillom, warts, ather and other skin formations.

    Favorite Localization of Skin Horn - Person (cheeks, temporal area, eyelids, area of ​​the nasolabic triangle, lower lip). Some less often amazed out the scalp, ears, neck. With other localizations, constant friction places, compression, moisturizing are the most vulnerable. Special place is occupied by the damage of mucous membranes (oral cavity). This localization is characteristic of male smokers.

    Treatment of skin horns

    Treatment of the skin must be carried out in a timely manner and radically. Carbon dioxide laser copes well with this task. Remote education is sure to further explore morphologically, to clarify the degree of tumor aggressiveness.


    Skin Horn, Keratoma, XantelsmKeratoma is a benign skin tumor, that is, the growth of the horny layer of the skin epithelium is mainly the reaction of mature skin (people over 30 years old) on ultraviolet (sun rays, tanning cabins and t.D.) Are convexed formations with a rough surface, sometimes covered with flakes, the multiple, mainly located in the open areas of the body.

    Unborn in cancer are not inclined. Men and women are sick equally often. It is desirable to delete the keral in a timely manner within healthy fabrics, as it can grow to large sizes. If the keratoma causes cosmetic damage, prone to growth, then it is possible to remove it within healthy tissues.

    Signs of keratoma

    It is brown or bronze formation with clear boundaries, similar to the sprinkling highlight. There is an emission of epidermis in the form of plaques with diameter 1—2 cm with an uneven surface covered with horny layers of brownish or yellowish color on the background of atrophic skin changes.

    Elder kerats are usually multiple, most often localized on the face and body of the elderly. The current is usually asymptomatic, often the kerat itself occurs.

    Causes of development of kerat

    It occurs mainly in the elderly as a result of a violation of the processes of a normal burnt. Street keratoma – Very common disease, characteristic of people over 40 years old.

    Risk factors for keratas

    Keratoma can be reborn in malignant tumors.

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