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  • Kidney disease choose women
  • Enemy need to know in face
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  • It is worth a few minutes to sit on a cold bench in the autumn park or run in the rain in a short skirt – And the kidneys are already allowed to know. Their problems «Love» exacerbate with any colds and infectious diseases. Why is this happening? Kidney – Very vulnerable body, the so-called target organ, which is one of the first to attack pathogenic bacteria, actively breeding in the body. The kidneys are easily inflated when supercooling, urinary infections and even... Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. What can you do to keep them healthy and avoid pyelonephritis?

    Kidney disease choose women

    A person has two kidneys, each of which ends with a ureter. It urine passes into the bladder, and then through the urethra (urethra) is excreted from the body. The kidneys filter the blood and help to withdraw end products of metabolism, excess salts and water, participate in the regulation of blood pressure and the development of red blood cells. A person can live with one kidney, but if both the work of the whole organism is seriously disturbed – up to death.

    Give the kidney heat! Bacterial kidney inflammation has two ways of development – Ascending and downward. At the first infection, the kidneys fall into the kidneys through urinary paths (urethra, bladder, ureters). In women, the urine-off channel is much shorter than in men, so infection is raised faster above. We are sick by the inflammation of the kidneys five times more often than men.

    90% of all infections of the urogenital tract causes an intestinal wand, which from the intestine through the genitals falls into the urethra and then hesitate his way to the kidneys. In healthy people, the infection is washed out with a current of urine and inflammation does not arise, but this outflows suffering from pyelonephritis. Especially easy pyelonephritis develops against the background of the inflammation of the bladder, so it is so important to travelery cystitis to the end.

    The second way of spreading bacteria – from top to bottom: with any bacterial infection against the background of reduced immunity, bacteria with blood fall into the kidneys, causing their inflammation. The development of pyelonephritis contributes to the local supercooling of the kidney region, as well as rare emptying of the bladder. With stitching urine, the sphincters of ureters can weaken, as a result of which bubble-ureteral reflux arises: urine is thrown back into the kidneys, thereby provoking the inflammatory process.

    Also the focus of infections can be carious teeth, respiratory infections, skin inflammation, sex infections, etc. Pyelonephritis development contributes to diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, inflammatory diseases of the small pelvis organs, intestinal disease. Often pyelonephritis develops in pregnant women due to the fact that the uterus presses on the ureters and prevents the normal outflow of urine.

    Enemy need to know in face

    Acute pyelonephritis with its symptoms resembles a serious respiratory disease, so when diagnosing it is easy to confuse, for example, with influenza. As a rule, when the kidney inflammation, the temperature rises above 38 °C, chills arise, nausea (sometimes before vomiting), severe headache. In addition, there are pains in the lower back of the back, which give to the upper part of the abdomen, the thigh or inguinal region. In the vertical position of the body, the pain is stronger from the side where the inflamed kidney is. Horizontally hurts, when you lie on the opposite side.

    Approximately the third of the diseases are present symptoms of cystitis (frequent and painful urination, pain at the bottom of the abdomen). In the spasms of ureterals caused by infection, a short-term sharp pain can be felt – so-called renal colic. However, pyelonephritis is cut into the fact that the sharp period can be lubricated, it is easy to watch it – This is fraught with a practically imperceptible transition to chronic shape.

    It should be borne in mind that chronic pyelonephritis is not always accompanied by increasing the temperature and sharp attacks of nausea and pain. Often are observed: general weakness, fast fatigue, headaches, stupid pains in the lumbar region. The factors predisposing to illness are: features of the structure of urinary tract, chronic diseases, kidney stones, tumors, bubble-ureteral reflux, men prostatitis. Disease is dangerous in that it can very seriously damage the kidneys – up to renal failure.

    Analyzes – That's not all

    It is impossible to diagnose with confidence «pyelonephritis» On the basis of only symptoms. Moreover, even a common urine analysis, if the result goes beyond the framework of the norm, it can talk about a completely different inflammatory disease. An incorrectly established diagnosis can lead to the patient a whole spectrum will prescribe «Heavy artillery», negatively affecting the whole organism, and the disease itself is usually not cured. To confirm the diagnosis, do not do without a comprehensive assessment of the results of urine tests and a general blood test. Sometimes you have to additionally do an ultrasound study of the kidneys.

    In addition, it is necessary to hold urine sowing, with the help of which directly the pathogen of pyelonephritis is detected and its sensitivity to antibiotics is checked (to appoint exactly that drug that will help get rid of the pathogenic bacterium). Unfortunately, this sowing is difficult to implement in the conditions of polyclinics: it is necessary to contact the regional sanitary and epidemiological station, which is not always convenient for the patient. That is why patients often neglect this recommendation and are treated «on avos», Thus, the launch of the disease. But in the future for this, frivolity can be expensive to pay! Acute pyelonephritis has to be treated in the hospital, since it takes regular intramuscular or even intravenous drug administration.

    We treat disease, not symptoms

    In case of acute pyelonephritis for several days a bed is prescribed. When the temperature is normalized, it is recommended to move more – This contributes to the outflow of urine from the kidneys. In general, the treatment lasts about two weeks. After a month and a half the urine control is carried out. In the case when pyelonephritis is caused by pathologies in the structure and operation of urinary organs, surgical intervention may be needed to eliminate this defect. All this confirms the design and treatment of inpatient examination and treatment.

    In chronic pyelonephritis, treatment can be carried out at home: doctors are usually prescribed antibacterial drugs for receiving during the week with a break in three weeks. Such courses are repeated for 3-6 months. Therapy is carried out with regular monitoring of urine test results.

    Do not accept relapse!

    For the prevention of inflammatory processes in the kidneys, it is necessary first of all to eliminate all potential foci of infection in the body: cure chronic diseases, inflammation of the apparent sinuses and almonds, grasp carious teeth. You should dress for the season, avoid hypoints and excessive physical exertion. The amount of fluid is not recommended: It is advisable to drink 2-2.5 liters of clean water – This will help withdraw potential «pests» From the urinary tract. Avoid in the diet of heavy foods, concentrated and extractive substances (broths), oily, acute and salty.

    It is believed that the kidneys are a projection of the love zone in the body, and they usually become inflamed from those who lack heat. Try to please yourself learn how to enjoy life – and the kidneys will not disturb you!

    Symptoms of pyelonephritis are similar to influenza symptoms and other sharp viral infections. Do not give yourself diagnoses and do not appoint treatment – You can harm!

    Take care of kidneys from childhood!

    Young children have symptoms of pyelonephritis are often confused with complications of teething and other diseases. Be vitel!

    It is very important on time to recognize the beginning of the disease. If a child has a subfebrile (37.1-38 °C) temperature, he often asks to the toilet or, on the contrary, rarely urinates, complains of abdominal pain, if his feces have a sour smell – it may be pyelonephritis. If you do not start treating the disease on time, pyelonephritis can lead to formidable complications. In order to prevent the development of pyelonephritis, try to eat a child often and gradually (the last fluid intake – 2 hours before sleep), making focus on cranberry matches, raspberries. From the diet of the child, exclude fat, acute and salted food, concentrated proteins and liver. Watch that low-fat proteins (turkey, chicken, fish) are present in the diet. Pay attention to the number of urination: a healthy child under the age of 6 should urinate about 20 times a day, up to 1 year – 15 times, and by 2 years – 7-10 times a day. String urine should be bright, good filling and continuous. If you collect urine on the analysis, at night prepare a sterile jar or pot, a child. In the morning try to deliver urine into the laboratory within an hour after collecting. A favorable psychological climate in the family is important: children with weakened kidneys persistently react to the mood of parents. If mom is nervous or parents quarrel, the child becomes vulnerable to disease.

    How to pass an analysis?

    In order for the urine analysis to be accurate, it is necessary to comply with the rules for its collection. On the eve of avoiding products that change the color of urine (beets, carrots and t. NS.). Immediately before collecting, spend a thorough toilet of outdoor genitals. Collect urine into clean dry dishes. It is necessary to release the first morning urine for 1-2 seconds, and «Middle» Collect in a jar (about 50 ml of liquid is necessary). The analysis is undesirable to pass during menstruation.

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