What to fear during dialysis


    Complications of dialysis and renal failure

    The kidneys are involved in the work of many systems in the body. When the kidneys cease to work, the function of other organism systems is also violated. Unfortunately, this leads to the development of complications:

    What to fear during dialysis

    • Anemia - This means that the amount of erythrocytes (red blood cells) is reduced in the blood (red blood cells), which carry oxygen in the fabric. It may be due to blood loss, blood fence, dialysis, reduced iron use, vitamins (diet). Also, the kidney is also produced by hormone - erythropoietin, which stimulates the formation of erythrocytes in the human body, in patients with kidney erythropoietin is almost never performed.
    • Bone diseases. In patients with a terminal phase of renal failure, the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D is disturbed. This leads to increased fragments of bones (renal osteodistrophy).
    • Enhance arterial pressure. It is possible to limit the use of cook salt and liquid.
    • Liquid overload. If you do not adhere to planned treatment, for example, drink more than recommended, this can lead to a fluid delay in the body. In some cases, the situation becomes critical – develops acute heart failure or pulmonary edema.
    • Pericarditis - Inflammation of the shell covering the heart, pericardium. The main reason – Lack of dialysis. The accumulation of fluid around the heart occurs, the ability of the heart is disturbed and blood release decreases and decreases.
    • Damage to nerves - manifests in disruption of sensitivity in the area of ​​brushes, stop and legs. This happens for various reasons, among them the accumulation of products of the life of the body, which are normal with the kidney.
    • Infectious complications. Approximately 15-20% of patients on hemodialysis die due to infectious complications, most of these complications are associated with intravenous catheter. In patients with peritoneal dialysis, the likelihood of peritonitis is high – Inflammation of the abdominal cavity. That is why it is important to comply with hygiene and use only sterile (disgraced) solutions and tools.

    How to warn the complications of dialysis

    What is necessary for prosperous dialysis?

    • Compliance with the diet appointed doctor
    • Drink a liquid recommended by your doctor
    • Making prescribed drugs
    • According to the treatment plan to conduct dialysis (at home or in hospital)
    • Inform close and physician about all the symptoms of complications

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