Balanoposthitis in infants


  • Balanoposthitis: Causes
  • Balanoposthitis: Symptoms
  • Balanoposthitis: treatment

  • Balanoposthitis: Causes

    Balanoposthitis in infantsThe development of balanoposthitis boy often associated with banal
    microflora - staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli, Proteus,
    that inhabit the skin, gut and penetrate easily into the bag preputial
    in violation of the rules of intimate hygiene baby. Rare changing diapers,
    incorrect use, the product size mismatch age baby
    and its parameters, substandard hygiene, cleaning the rare,
    attempts to forcibly expose the glans penis - all of which can be
    cause dermatitis, and then the child and balanoposthitis.

    If developed balanoposthitis, cause it must be sought in the fact, what cleaning and hygiene
    means enjoying mother in the care of the baby and his personal belongings. Contact
    dermatitis as an allergic reaction to components of the detergent powder, cream
    or powder - not so rare.

    The most common cause of balanoposthitis in children -imperfection of the structure of the external genitalia, or rather physiological phimosis or narrowing of the foreskin. Inability to expose the glans penis
    a boy under the age of 5-7 years - is quite a normal situation. Without
    inflammation and disorders of urination no treatment is required. When
    epithelial formation of adhesions between the inner and outer layer
    prepuce, infant smegma, ie zhirovidnaya grease mixed
    with necrotic epidermis cells stagnates, populated by pathogenic
    microbes and leads to inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin.

    The developed balanopostit often allowed to spontaneously
    - Bacteria liquefy smegma destroy cohesion and stale secret washed
    out of sterile urine. However, the forces of the body may not be enough, and then
    there is an acute inflammatory process, requiring the intervention of a doctor. Acute
    balanoposthitis. if left untreated, can
    go into a chronic balanoposthitis, and phimosis, which is already an indication for
    surgery circumcision.

    Balanoposthitis: Symptoms

    Acute balanoposthitis there
    suddenly begins with redness and swelling of the glans penis and extreme
    flesh. The child becomes restless, moody, bad sleeping, crying during
    urination, and when you touch the penis. Acute inflammation is accompanied by
    increase in body temperature to 38-390C. Under the skin covering
    head of the penis becomes noticeable accumulation of infected smegma, which
    if left untreated, it is converted into pus. There is a purulent balanoposthitis,
    accompanied by deep inflammation of the tissues of the penis and the formation of
    superficial ulcers (ulcerative balanoposthitis).

    Lack of adequate treatment of acute inflammation of the head
    the penis and the foreskin leads to the development of chronic balanoposthitis,
    symptoms which become itchy,
    burning sensation in the penis, worse when urinating and causing
    Child anxiety. There remains some swelling of the foreskin, whitish
    deposits in preputsium. The disease occurs months, periodically sharpening
    and inevitably leads to the formation of phimosis.

    Balanoposthitis: treatment

    So, you suspect a child balanoposthitis, how to treat? AT
    first of all is to see a doctor in this case, a urologist or surgeon
    children's clinic. If the child does not allow access to
    medical facilities on their own, you need to call the doctor at home. The most common treatment
    balanoposthitis does not require hospitalization.

    Conservative treatment balanoposthitis at home
    is, first of all, in strict observance of the child's intimate hygiene.
    Boy you need to wash away at least 2 times a day and after every emptying
    intestine. Diapers should be changed regularly, and each time before it
    wear, clean the baby's skin and moisturizing process of withdrawals
    irritation. Very useful air baths.

    The main therapeutic agent for the treatment balanoposthitis
    at home are baths with infusions and decoctions of chamomile, calendula,
    furatsillina solution. Sometimes it is recommended for balanoposthitis ointment "levomikol". It has anti-inflammatory and
    antimicrobial activity. The ointment is administered in preputial bag with a syringe without
    needle. Antibiotics for balanoposthitis appointed in extreme cases, when the child
    weakened, the disease started and there is a risk of infection. Usually
    inflammation within 2-3 days docked using the baths and ointments.

    In the presence of epithelial adhesions in the prepuce,
    shown their separation via bellied probe, then, if possible,
    bareeniya glans, bath and ointment

    Chronic balanopostit requires a more serious
    intervention - surgery circumcision (circumcision), which is held
    after decrease exacerbations and saves the child from phimosis and paraphimosis in

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