Return erection. You can at any age


  • Why?
  • What to choose?
  • Fast?
  • Or reliable?
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  • But there is also good news: impotence can be eliminated even at might. The main thing is to choose a good drug and deal with the reasons for disruption of potency.


    Reasons for the development of impotence a lot: from constant stress and reduced mood, to serious chronic diseases causing vascular problems, and, as a result - a violation of potency. Therefore, it is important to start from visiting the doctor to determine the reason why the male body cannot fully work. Do not write everything to stress - according to statistics on his share there are not so many cases as it is considered to be.

    What to choose?

    Modern Pharmacology offers a wide selection of funds designed to return lost potency. All means are divided into nutritional supplements and drugs.

    Food additive only complements diet with vitamins and amino acids. Of course, this is useful for a general condition, but this does not solve the local problem - impotence (or erectile dysfunction).
    Medicinal preparations are aimed at restoring potency, they enhance the blood supply to the vessels of the genital organ, which is essentially an erection.


    Return an erection. You can at any ageMost of the drugs cause a lot of complications and side effects, so such funds should be appointed by a doctor and apply under the control of the doctor. Due to their hard effect on the body, drugs are not recommended to people aged, patients with chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular system. Even a one-time reception of such a drug is a significant stress for the body.

    This group of drugs is called PDE-5 inhibitors. Their feature is the rapid effect of the effect, after 10 minutes an erection comes. But we can say that this erection is unreal, one-time. The effect of the drug ends and the male force weakens. It turns out that the PDE-5 inhibitors give a one-time effect without eliminating the cause of the potency violation. And every time you have to drink pills again and again.

    Or reliable?

    So for the rate of action of the drug did not have to pay their health, it is recommended to pay attention to more secure drugs. And such exist! Special attention deserves a drug «Impaise». The drug is unique in its action: it restores the work of the vessels of the vessels of the male body, which improves its blood flow and conducts to erection in the most natural way. And it will not be a one-time reaction to the reception of the tablet, and the real potency restoration. But this recovery does not occur immediately, as a magic wand: cells of the body need time to restore lost functions. Therefore, doctors recommend taking «Impass» On a regular basis, courses for 2-3 months.

    And safe!

    W «Impise» There are other benefits.

    First, it is safe for health. Therefore, the medicine practically does not have contraindications - the elderly, and «Cardies».

    Secondly, due to the careful effects of the medicine on the body, it was brought to the list of non-prescription drugs. That is, you can buy freely «Impass» In any pharmacy, and the purchase does not need a recipe from the doctor.

    Thirdly, buy «Impass» You can really freely - fair price makes medicine available for a wide circle of buyers. It is easy to compare, the benefit of Internet search engines allow in seconds to find out the cost of any product in seconds.


    As you can see, the problem of violation of the potency is solved, and the choice is yours.

    If you have any questions related to the use of the drug «Impaise», Call hotline: (495) 681-93-00, 681-09-30.

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